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Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Ballroom Scene: An Underground Art Hitting MainStream

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 10:35 pm September 30, 2009 Over the next several weeks I will be writing a series on  The Ballroom Scene. Wikipedia cheapens the culture by diluting the definition, calling it a “subculture of the LGBT community involving staged competitive, drag fashion performances.” The ballroom scene is not only a new black art, […]

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Week of September 28, 2009 to October 4, 2009

By Leigh 2:20 pm September 30, 2009 Campus Magnet standout Nmesoma Okafor wrongly arrested for murder in case of mistaken identity Mark Lelinwalla, Mitch Abramson and Larry McShane, Daily News,  October 3, 2009 Iowa City Council puts juvenile curfew on hold Gregg Hennigan, The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa), September 30, 2009 Honor student beaten to […]

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Status Ain’t Hood

By Summer M. 11:56 am September 29, 2009 Folks, I’m busy redrafting this chapter, and haven’t really had time to blog.  I should be off injured reserve by next week.  Editing beckons.  So, I’ll keep this quick. I’m not really concerned about Facebook polls regarding BHO’s life–or the end of it.  And frankly, I hope […]

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Are You Free?

By edward 8:45 am September 29, 2009 Many people have told me that I have an old soul. This may be true. I tend to retire early for bed, listen to NPR, and have a strong affinity for Motown music. Yesterday, I was listening to Donnie Hathaway’s song “Someday We’ll All Be Free”. The poignant […]

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District 9 (SPOILER ALERT)

By anonymous 1:55 pm September 25, 2009 In August of this year the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller District 9 debuted, boasting an exotic location, foreign languages, and blacks and whites united against a common threat—Prawns.  The Prawns are aliens whose intergalactic automobile (most likely a Ford) has broken down on the wrong side of town—just […]

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Yeah Monica,”Just One of those Days . . .”

By Fallon 9:33 am September 25, 2009 There are so many interesting things to write about this week. I could write about Oprah trying to rap with the overly sponsored poster child of a good rapper, Jay Z. Or, I could write about the 25th Anniversary of the Cosby Show and how I can’t stand […]

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Week of September 21, 2009 to September 27, 2009

By Leigh 12:25 pm September 24, 2009 Belleville protest, counter-protest, over bus attack Blythe Bernard, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, September 27, 2009 Northwestern med school takes different look at preventing violence Rex W. Huppke, Chicago Tribune, September 23, 2009 Chicago school violence: District rushes to put anti-violence plan in place as gunfire claims new victims Azam […]

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Week of September 14, 2009 to September 20, 2009

By Leigh 12:24 pm September 24, 2009 Feeling Foreign in Their Own Country Samantha Honken, The Daily Iowan, September 14, 2009

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Week of September 7, 2009 to September 13, 2009

By Leigh 12:22 pm September 24, 2009 Can Video Game Testing Spark Interest in Computing Among Black Youth? States News Service, September 9, 2009

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Week of August 31, 2009 to September 6, 2009

By Leigh 12:19 pm September 24, 2009 Hampton’s Forgotten Legacy Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times, September 6, 2009 A Simple Map to School Success Roger Chesley, The Virginian-Pilot, September 5, 2009 Deep Dark Secrets Revealed – Based on a True Story of a Young African-American Man Who Struggled With His Identity, Masculinity, Spirituality, and Sexuality Globe […]

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