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Africa with Bare Fists

Boxing as a sport is a combination of attack and defense techniques with the fists. With roots in Ancient Greece and Rome and more modern forms of the sport originating in England, boxing has been a very widespread phenomenon for a long time.  In the United States, the most skilled and best known boxing athletes […]

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The Wrong Direction Of The Right

As President Obama continues to calmly navigate through unchartered territories, I continue to be amazed. Although his campaign oozed with hope, promise, and change, it was hard for me to envision an America that would embrace such a drastic overhaul of the status quo. In the depths of my soul I hoped that Americans would coalesce around […]

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Weekly News Roundup

March 29, 2010 – April 4, 2010

Project celebrates promise of black youth Kimberly Melton, The Oregonian, April 4, 2010 Youth of the Year had to be man of the house Michael Paul Williams, Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 4, 2010 Youth Super Day 2010 Jeff Barker, Northwest Florida Daily New, April 3, 2010 Black colleges stay relevant Gregory Lewis, Sun Sentinel, April 3, 2010 Ways parents can […]

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Today in Post-Race History: Stripes

Dear Tiger Woods, Welcome back, sir! We have missed you. Your re-emergence will undoubtedly help the multiracials get their swagger back, and just in time for the 2010 census! (How many boxes do you check, Tiger?) 2009 was definitely a bummer for the American mixed-race, but now, with BHO passing health care reform and your […]

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WHAT THE F@%! HAPPENED!? (PT. III): Amy Winehouse

Winehouse was touted as a world class vocalist, a supremely gifted songwriter, and a certified game-changer within the landscape of popular music. And then everything went wrong. Very wrong.

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Seven Women at the Cross: A Black Feminist Speaks of Widows

This week I had the opportunity to speak at Spelman College’s 8th Annual Seven Women at the Cross. For those who are not familiar with Seven Women at the Cross Services it is a time when women preachers and speakers recount the last seven days of Christ living on Earth through the stories of the […]

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I am not black!

Just do me a favor. If you are gonna be dumb enough to check a box, treat it like the SAT and check the box that provides the “best answer” and mail back the damn form. This doesn’t cause as much anxiety as people claim it does and seeing Negro on a form when you can’t escape the word “Nigga” on the radio is not a big f-ing deal. It’s just the Census trying to keep up with the times, right? I mean, since you trust them enough to check a box anyway, stop bitchin’!

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