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Chicago South Shore Drill Team Makes a Difference

NBC Nightly News | June 30, 2010 Making a Difference: For 30 years, The South Shore Drill Team has been providing a refuge for Chicago kids who are looking for a safe place to fit in.  NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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NBA Free Agency Frenzy 2010

Who says the offseason is boring? Tomorrow marks the biggest day in the NBA season thus far (screw the Lakers). Tomorrow, July 1st is the start of the free agency period. You know what that means, all LeBron, all the time. Some of those other guys, some of the time. This free agent class is […]

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Lupus, Healthcare, and Little Village

I would like to “think” my world different. A life free of disease, hurt, and pain. While watching the BET awards I noticed people are still stunned by the death of Michael Jackson, (especially Chris Brown and his fake tears). But I must admit no one close to me has yet to die. I want […]

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My U.S. Social Forum Impression

The second United States Social Forum (USSF) this past week brought around 20,000 activists into Detroit, each with his, her, or hir own unfiltered voice. Each one was amplified in the nature of convergence. The forum’s advocates are priding the event on finding the peoples’ solution to the peoples’ problems in a unique, grassroots, movement-building […]

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Weekly News Roundup

June 21, 2010 – June 27, 2010

Church focuses on black colleges Yonat Shimron, News Observer, June 26, 2010 “Mentoring the 100 Way” Training and Fundraiser Vivian L. Sharp, City News Ohio, June 25, 2010 An end to the one-box racial rule Staff Writer, The Seattle Times, June 25, 2010 Teaching youth performance in the summer Walter J. Lyng, The Surburban, June […]

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Chris Brown And The Politics Of Memory

Last week, we here on the Black Youth Project blog celebrated the life and legacy of musical genius and pioneer, Michael Joseph Jackson. Even when the public questioned his sexuality, sanity, and Blackness they never questioned his talent. A pet monkey, child abuse allegations, and an indescribable skin disorder didn’t stop the “Billie Jeans“ and […]

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Budget cuts more painful at inner-city LA schools

Budget cuts more painful at inner-city LA schools Christina Hoag, Associated Press, June 28, 2010 LOS ANGELES (AP) — When state budget cuts imperiled city schools, a group of parents fought back by enlisting Hollywood stars to spread a message targeting one of their own, Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar. The satirical video featuring actors Megan Fox […]

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The BET Awards ’10 Blog

I save up all my BET watching minutes for one night: the BET Awards.  During the telecast, I’m generally underwhelmed and embarrassed for black people.  That last part is a lie.  Still, the BET Awards is how I up my hater stamina.  If I can sit through the entire show and say at least 50 […]

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Clip of the Day

“I’m Getting an HIV Test”

CNN | June 27, 2010 A 22-year-old woman gets tested for HIV hoping her actions will inspire others to do the same. National HIV Testing Day was yesterday, June 27th.

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Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”: A Review

Thriller, released three years later, took things to another level entirely however, and deserves all of the fanfare and acclaim that it receives. But before Thriller there was Off The Wall, the coming out party for an ambitious teen idol that wanted to take over the world, one song at a time. Jackson may have made more successful albums, but he never bettered this one.

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