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Monthly Archives: June 2010

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The Myth of Black-on-Black Violence

The Myth of Black-on-Black Violence Natalie Hopkinson, The Root, June 16, 2010 This year’s Black History Month was a particularly bloody one in Shelby County, S.C. Sergio Leary, Ja’cole Wilson, Karon Barrow and Leon Thurman Jr., all young people in their 20s, were all shot dead, according to local news reports. The Shelby Star’s analysis […]

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Weekly News Roundup

June 14, 2010 – June 20, 2010

Youth center awarded grant Cynthia Roby, South Florida Times, June 21, 2010 Youth conference aims to help teens Seth Stratton, The Dispatch, June 18, 2010 Explaining The Fall of Hip Hop Professor Plum, Seattle Pi, June 18, 2010 Youth Day: Through eyes of young journalist Liz Clarke, Washington Post, June 16, 2010 How the Rebellious […]

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On Jumping the Broom and Adventures South

My sister got married Saturday.  (Take that, Steve Harvey, et. al.!) Since I’ve just arrived back in town mere hours ago, and feel like 8 pounds of crap in a 5-pound bag, I have no faith in my ability to compose a complete sentence let alone an entire blog about the news and culture of […]

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Abandoned by his family and left homeless and alone, Orayne Williams earns college scholarship

Abandoned by his family and left homeless and alone, Orayne Williams earns college scholarship Ben Chapman, New York Daily News, June 15, 2010 In less than two weeks, some 50,000 city high school seniors will graduate. Few of them will have overcome as many obstacles as Orayne Williams. Abandoned by his family and living alone […]

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Clip of the Day

Call for Suspension Reform After Student’s Death

The Grio (via News One) | June 18, 2010 Last week, 15-year-old, Jawaan Daniels, was shot and killed during school hours. He was leaving Lafayette High School and going home for a suspension. But, parents say he should have been in school. Buffalo parents argue that simply sending students home for suspension is not addressing […]

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A Father’s Day Reflection: Do Black Fathers Matter?

For the past 15 years of my life, Father’s Day was a day to be tolerated if not ignored. Unlike Mother’s Day where I actually thirst for the presence of my mother or someone else’s mother, I feel completely indifferent about Father’s Day. And, perhaps, my indifference has much to do with the fact that […]

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Eminem’s “Recovery”: The Review

Recovery finds Eminem cementing his status as a world class lyricist, and there are some tracks here that are definite hit singles, sure to return Slim Shady to the top of the charts. But most importantly, Recovery proves that Marshall Mathers still has something interesting and relevant to say.

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The Black Recession will last forever…

There is this almost monolithic idea that black people are on a journey, a fight of sorts, to move from Point A to Point B. That is, as a people we are trying to get from here to there. However, there isn’t really a known destination–it is quite simply just anywhere but where we are […]

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Happy Birthday, Tupac

I have a hard time placing Tupac Shakur into a box. Like many intelligent young men, he seems to have struggled a lot with marrying the reality of his world with the ideas that he may have learned from the adults in his life. Was it hypocrisy or human nature? Who knows? Unfortunately, he was […]

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Nah, I’m Good Brutha

Where I come from, the homeless are a dime a dozen, and beggars are as common as the neglected pennies of college students. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. While growing up, it was not uncommon for me to run into a crackhead who literally asked for a quarter everyday. It was no secret, everyone […]

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