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By Asha
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Israeli Assault on Freedom Flotillas

Medical and construction supplies, food, water filtration equipment, in addition to supporters from abroad sailed toward Gaza (a tiny strip of land controlled and blockaded by Israel but inhabited by Palestinians) in attempts to provide relief, or rather…sustenance. (…because even these flotillas would not have been able to relieve the suffering in the occupied Palestinian […]

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Weekly News Roundup

May 24, 2010 – May 30, 2010

It is a G.R.E.A.T. program Larry Brock, The Richmond Register, May 29, 2010 Local students visit historically black schools Annie Martin, The Enquirer, May 29, 2010 Youth violence fight goes online Kirsty Noffke, Twee Daily News, May 28, 2010 Basketball helps Stop the Violence Ben Roberts, WALB News, May 28, 2010 Got a steep college […]

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By edward
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Spilling Black Guck On Obama’s Presidency

Competition is inherent in politics. In our fast paced digital age we have shunned in- depth exposés for quick tweets about who is up and who is down. The talking heads elites in media and punditry use political sabermetrics to compare approval ratings at various times in presidential administrations. These politicos mainly use their heaps […]

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Clip of the Day

Lawyer Says Evidence in Shooting of Aiyana Jones Shows Police Cover-Up

Fox News Detroit | June 1, 2010 OUTHFIELD, Mich. (AP) – Attorney Geoffrey Fieger says an independent autopsy shows 7-year-old Aiyana Jones was shot through the top of her head during a police raid on her home Fieger says Macomb County Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz has determined that the single gunshot exited through Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ […]

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