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Uninspired Nihilism

Lately, I’ve found it exceedingly difficult to blog.  To be sure, it’s not because I lack the desire to write and make you privy to my mental awesomeness each Monday morning, but rather because I’ve essentially checked out of the blogging world.  I wish I could blame it on my dissertation.  (It’s coming along.  Not […]

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Clip of the Day

New Film, “Mooz-lum” About Being Black, Young, and Muslim

http://www.MoozlumTheMovie.com Here’s what the film’s creators have to say about the film: We’re making a movie that we hope will offer a different perspective on Muslims/Islam than what is normally portrayed. As a result, opening the minds & hearts of millions. With your help we will create a grass roots marketing campaign that will ensure […]

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By Dallas
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Willow Smith’s Ridiculously Good “Whip My Hair”

Clearly channeling Rihanna, Willow effectively exudes the kind of confidence and attitude the song requires, but always acts her age. She comes off sassy and cute, like a hip hop Angelica Pickles, placing emphasis in all the right places while seemingly having a blast throughout. In other words, she can already do what takes most aspiring singers years to master.

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By Fallon
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The Housewives of DC: Do you think Stacie should check Kat?

Yes, I must admit I have a guilty pleasure. I watch Bravo’s Housewives Series. I know what kind of feminist am I to watch such internalized hatred among women. I know I should be ashamed and given a timeout. But, I am not. Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with the entire Bravo’s Housewives’ series. […]

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Muslim Hate: Northern- and Southern-Style

A southerner once told me that American racism in the North was worse than in the South. For him, the covert racism he experienced in certain northern cities was more dangerous and misleading. Not sure I ever really understood the call for a more “upfront” racism as it seemed a scary thing that I could be called a Nigger in the open or accosted in a way that reminded me of my place in the world.

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Love Where the Black Woman Is Not White

At a first glance from the average black female, I’m dateable, if the thought comes across her mind. However, if my fingers should ever cross the knuckles of a white hand, I am dead to her; I am no longer a “brotha.” In this case, you are witnessing a type of black on black hatred […]

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By tamara
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Considering Marcus Garvey

Recently I had a series of discussions with people on Twitter and in real life about Marcus Garvey’s status as a Black leader. I was surprised to find that not everyone respected him or his ideas as much me. Why was I surprised? No idea. His ideas have long been misunderstood as simple back-to-Africa rhetoric […]

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The End of an Era

In life everything comes to an end. (Well most things, poverty is staying pretty consistent on us). But for the most part, things come to an end, eventually. I for one never thought my senior year of high school would end, as the sickness of senioritis went into full fruition at the end of my […]

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Weekly News Roundup

August 30, 2010 – September 5, 2010

Racial violence changes student and school Jesse Washington, Associated Press, September 5, 2010 Urban violence rarely a campaign focus Andrew Ryan, Boston Globe, September 4, 2010 Major parties offer youth nothing Ash Pemberton, Green Left, September 4, 2010 Black and Latino boys disrespected, task force finds Dale Mezzacappa, The Notebook, September 3, 2010 Educators: System Sets Up Black Boys to […]

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By edward
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Terry Jones & The Story Of Religious (In)tolerance

“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him”- Booker T. Washington. We live in a seemingly tolerant nation. We have a Black President, more than dozen female CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, and a few LBTQ members of Congress. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back. We’re […]

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