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The Arts, Expression, and New (Found) Media

This was an artistic week for me. Last Friday I performed poetry, sang, and played guitar at our yearly coming out monologues event. On Thursday I performed a neo-futurist piece about HIV/Aids and the downfalls of the black community to accept the disease as being “associated” with black people. On Monday I performed a short skit that was influenced by one of the most well known directors in the country Anne Bogart, and her ideas on viewpoints.

I obviously love the arts. I think that art gives us hope for the future and commentary about the past. I think art makes people laugh, cry, think, and question. I think our emotions are connected with artistic expression as much as a fetus is connected to its mother in the womb. It saddens me that the arts seem to be dwindling in black communities and disadvantaged areas around the country. In the past couple weeks I have found a new art that has sparked my time and interest.