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Why Sarah Palin Is The Political Version Of Soulja Boy

To say the meteoric rise of Sarah Palin in the political world has been unexpected would be an understatement. Less than 10 years ago Palin was the Mayor of a small town in Alaska with a population of barely over 10,000 people. Before she was making a living off of political gaffes, she was winning awards for her “congeniality” in beauty pageants. Her congenial nature has made her a darling of the extreme right and a laughing stock of everyone else. Sure, every public figure has slipped up a few times. Joe Biden mistook Chief Justice John Roberts for Justice Potter Stewart who passed away in 1985. President Barack Obama inadvertently referred to Sunshine, Florida as Sunrise, Florida. However, it seems like Palin has been challenging every major politico to show that she has a monopoly on dumb statements. Heck, if I knew I could’ve gotten a mini series on TLC for seeing Russia from my backyard, a book tour for “going rogue”, a multi year contract with Fox News as a political analyst for mistaking South Korea for North Korea, my daughter on dancing with the stars for writing on my hand, I would’ve dropped out in 5th grade. Then again, I knew that South Korea was one of our allies in 4th grade.  Who knew that quitting your job as a Governor could set you up nicely to be the spokesperson for moose hunting, hockey moms, and a potential Presidential candidate in 2012? In the age of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, “Jersey Shore”, and “Bad Girls Club”, Palin fits in nicely as a leader in the movement of frivolity.

But in the words of Jay-Z I can’t “knock her hustle”. That’s precisely what it is, a hustle. The American people have been bamboozled if they actually believe that Palin is a public servant who cares about policy. Even Wacka Flocka Flame knows that “voting [is] good”. Mrs. Palin has shown the American people that she is merely a political celebrity who is benefiting off of the dumbing down of America.  When she makes up a word like “refudiate” and people call her out on it, she says that the ivy league liberal elite is attacking her. When she is clearly stumped by the term Bush Doctrine, she blames the liberal media for setting her up. In the words of  New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, “she makes ignorance look chic.”

Believe it or not, Mrs. Palin has a lot in common with the king of swag, Soulja Boy. Both are entertainers who strive not to be the best at what they do, but rather, to grab people’s attention with their catch phrases and dim-witted statements. It is easy to listen to “speakers going hammer” and nod your head without understanding what any of the words mean. Similarly, it is easy to get caught up in the presence of the simplistic oratory of Palin and be fooled into thinking that she represents middle America. For every song Soulja Boy makes about “being Swag OD’d (having too much swag that you overdose) Palin makes a remark about having too much health care that you’ll die in front of Obama’s death panels. Soulja Boy has stated several times that he isn’t trying to be the best rapper alive, he is just trying to make people dance. Obviously Palin quitting in the middle of her term as Governor of Alaska shows that she isn’t trying to be the best public official alive either. Both Palin and Soulja have cashed into a niche market that adores simplicity. Although hip-hop heads constantly berate Soulja Boy and dismiss him as being a buffoon, he continues to laugh all the way to the bank. His lyrics may not be conscious but he is slowly becoming a household name one hit song at a time. Why switch up your game when it is working for you? Palin and Soulja Boy understand one thing: if you give the people what they want, you will get paid. Palin gives conservatives a chance to believe and liberals a chance to laugh.

(She even raps)