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Curren$y vs. Wiz Khalifa: An N.F.L. Matchup

Curren$y the “Hot Spitta” and Wiz Khalifa have a lot in common. They both have an affinity for climbing psychedelic trees (JETS and Paper Plane Gang should be self-explanatory). They both bounced around record labels for a while before they blew up. Both of them graced XXL Mgszine’s Top Freshman cover (Curren$y in ’09 and Wiz Khalifa in ’10).  But the biggest common thread they share is the fact that their laid-back melodically laced mixtapes are killing the rap game right now. Pilot Talk I and II and Kush and Orange Juice set the internet on fire in 2010.  The two of them even discussed their platonic relationship on MTV’s First Date. The lyrical Cheech and Chong have made an impact outside the hookah bars, college parties, and clubs. Last Sunday their lifestyle and influence made it’s mark on the N.F.L. gridiron in the AFC Championship game .  The New York Jets Vs. the infamous “Black and Yellow” Pittsburgh  Steelers was a storybook game filled with ironies galore.

  1. Mark Sanchez, the Jets quarterback, had a slow start in the game, just like he has had all season long. — Curren$y has been in the rap game since Master P was with the 504 Boys, yet his career is just taking off now, almost 10 years later.
  2. Steelers defense was able to capitalize on the JETS mistakes- Even though Khalifa and Warner Bros. Records parted ways in 2009, he was still able to bounce back after being signed by Rostrum Records and subsequently released 3 banging mixtapes.
  3. Rex Ryan, the JETS head coach, is arrogant and not afraid to speak his mind even if his team loses. — Curren$y lives in his own psychedelic bubble and unabashedly lets lames know that “they catch feelings, but he catches flights”
  4. Troy Polamalu, the Steelers Pro Bowl Safety, like the biblical Samson gets his strength from his long and wild hair– Wiz Khalifa’s career seems to keep getting better the longer he lets his hippy afro grow out.

Even though the Steelers won, both Wiz and Curren$y are championship caliber rappers.

(Wiz even performed before the game)