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Monthly Archives: August 2011

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By tamara
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The Help

This weekend, I saw the much criticized/acclaimed movie The Help. I had planned to keep this a secret, to never tell a soul, and pretend this never happened. But, I wanted to have an opinion about the movie so I bought a ticket to The Smurfs and saw The Help instead (I wanted to see […]

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A Political Soundtrack

“Musicians Don’t’ Die, They Decompose.” The power of music is a secret to no one. You can find the manifestations of this power everywhere. Just observe the impulse you get when you hear a strong base in the background of a new track, or the tired feeling you get when listening to something slow and […]

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By Asha
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“Please Describe Your Background”

When I’m asked “What are you?” a question which my slight racial ambiguity warrants on almost a daily basis, I say black. So I check black on my college app. Then sometimes (most times actually), the question is followed by “Yeah, but what else?” and sometimes “She’s Cuban!” “She’s Puerto Rican.” “She’s Italian.” from eavesdroppers. […]

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By edward
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Secession aint gonna end the recession

The old saying goes, “Don’t mess with Texas”. Believe me, I haven’t really messed with Texas since the 1995 Dallas Cowboys team. Although my heart is as big as the state itself, it’s tough for me to stomach the thought of Rick Perry becoming President of the United States. Maybe I’ll try to overlook the […]

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1-900-Blame a N!&&@, the UK Version

Actually, I’m surprised it took this long for somebody to blame the riots on black people. In the BBC interview with Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster, where he attempted to explain the conditions that lead to the beginning of the uprising in Tottenham (including Mark Dugan being shot in the head by […]

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On Not Seeing ‘The Help’

I did not see The Help this weekend; I also did not read the book. Since I both read and saw The Secret Life of Bees a couple of years ago and am conversationally familiar with The Blind Side, I figured I had earned enough credit to sit this one out. Call it a mental health decision.

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WATCH THE THRONE, And Why Jay-Z and Mitt Romney Have A LOT In Common

I doubt Mitt Romney understands the plight of the underprivileged. And I couldn’t tell you if he likes Black people, either. But if he’s a Hip Hop fan, I bet he’ll love Watch The Throne. Because Mitt Romney and Jay-Z actually have a lot in common.

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By Fallon
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How Facebook Can Depress You as a Single Black Girl

So, I am discovering how utterly depressing Facebook can be. Yes, I did not stutter. Facebook, touted as the pen-ultimate medium for awkward wall flowers to gain social inclusion and social integration, is depressing. Not depressing in the most clinical sense of depressing, but more depressing in the vein of, “Damn, all my friends (I […]

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‘World of Money’ teaches dollars and sense to black youth

‘World of Money’ teaches dollars and sense to black youth Michelle Balani, The Grio | August 11, 2011 Many adults never quite master the concept of managing their finances but several New York City youngsters are now one step closer to becoming well versed in the language of money. They are all graduates of three week […]

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Respecting A Helping Hand

I was walking in the door and held the door for a lady and of course that was the correct thing to do. But as I walked in behind her I realized it would’ve been nice to get a Thank You. How many times have that happened or are we so use to doing things […]

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