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Monthly Archives: September 2011

What Parents Don’t Know About the “College Experience”

By Keantre Malone 11:59 am September 1, 2011 People will tell you two things when they send you off to college: study hard and have fun. We have some concept of studying hard, but the other piece of advice, you will soon realize, comes across very vaguely. I didn’t grasp why “fun” has a unique […]

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White House Annouces “We The People” Online Petition Initiative

By Dallas @smarteys 11:20 am September 1, 2011 White House Annouces “We The People” Online Petition Initiative Finally, something somewhat promising comes out of Washington. Today the White House announced a fascinating new initiative called We The People; and if taken seriously, it could truly revolutionize the way every day, web-surfing people like you and […]

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News Flash: Minorities Lead Population Growth In Big Cities

By Dallas @smarteys 9:51 am September 1, 2011 September 1, 2011 Maaaan…Rush Limbaugh is gonna be pissed! According to Sabrina Tavernise of the New York Times, Minorities are far outpacing whites in terms of population growth in America’s biggest cities. She writes: Hispanics and Asians led population growth in the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas […]

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