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Weekly News Round-Up: Aug 29th- Sept 4th, 2011

Aug 29th- Sept 4th

Obama Incites Some Folks to Violent Rage over New Voter Initiative
Kirsten West Savali, YBW News, 8/30/11

Loot the dream looters! Youth are right to rebel!
Staff Writer, Workers World, 8/31/11

Black Gay Pride kicks off tonight with vigil, youth summit
Laura Douglas-Brown, GA Voice, 8/31/11

Why Are More Black Students Placed In Special Education?
Bene Viera, News One, 9/2/11

Black Unemployment Jumped To STAGGERING New Highs In August
Grace Wyler, Business Insider, 9/2/11

Unpopular ‘No Child’ leaving plenty of students behind
Corey Mitchell, Star Tribune, 8/28/11

Youth Unemployment Crisis Has Longterm Implications For Teens, The Economy
Lila Shapiro, Huffington Post, 9/1/11

Operation Safe Community Fighting Youth Violence after Deadly Weekend
Adam Hammond, 9/3/11

Forum on African-American student achievement
Staff Writer, The Cap Times, 9/3/11

U. Akron Sends Racist Email to It’s Black Male Students
Dr. Boyce Watkins, YBW News, 9/4/11