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Monthly Archives: October 2011

BYP Afternoon Round-UP: NYPD Received $4.6 Mil from JPMorgan Chase, Eddie Long Wants His Money Back, and MORE!

BYP Afternoon Round-UP: NYPD Received $4.6 Mil from JPMorgan Chase, Eddie Long Wants His Money Back, and Obama = Hitler?!

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I Wish #OccupyWallStreet Critics Would Get Off the Couch and Get in the Game

By jasiri x 1:36 pm October 3, 2011 After the Occupy Wall Street Movement finally got some coverage form the mainstream media, due to some very bad behavior by the NYPD, the blogosphere began to buzz with post after post about what #OccupyWallStreet was doing wrong. From the message to the way the protestors were […]

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THE FOOTAGE: 700 OCCUPY WALL STREET Protestors Arrested At Brooklyn Bridge

By Dallas @smarteys 11:41 am October 3, 2011 The news media wants us focused on the back-and-forth, he said-she said, GOP Presidential nomination bullshit, so they’re burying this kind of footage amid other relatively mundane headlines. Go figure. But anybody with a brain, and some level of frustration with corporate greed and political corruption, knows […]

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BYP NEWSFLASH: Perry Owns A Ranch Called “NIGGERHEAD,” Obama Lookalike in KFC Commerical, Drake’s New Video and MORE!

By Dallas @smarteys 9:15 am October 3, 2011 BYP MORNING NEWSFLASH October 3rd, 2011   This current crop of GOP Presidential contenders truly are the gift that keeps on giving. On top of everything else that is utterly ridiculous and absurd about Texas Governor Rick Perry, news broke over the weekend that the Perry family’s […]

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Today in Post-Race History: A Rock and a Hard Place

By Summer M. 8:00 am October 3, 2011 I really hate it when politics interrupt my fantasy football preparation. There I was checking Twitter for tweets that might help my abysmal fantasy team when I started seeing posts about presidential candidate Rick Perry’s little problem. In case you missed it, according to a story published in The […]

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Weekly News Round-Up: Sept 26th- Oct 2nd, 2011

By Dallas @smarteys 5:05 pm October 2, 2011 Sept 26th- Oct 2nd The Black Gay Gang At Gallery Place Shani Hilton, Washington City Paper, 9/28/11 Reconcile our children’s future Jonathan Jansen, Times Live, 9/29/11 The color of an unequal recession Susan Williams, Freedom Socialist, 10/1/11 Save Our Students launches campaign to break youth violence Tracey […]

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