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Black Star Project and OSI Sponsor Historic Summit to Address Black Male Issues

The Black Star Project, in partnership with the Open Society Foundation Campaign for Black Male Achievement, sponsored the International Black Male Achievement summit this past November, bringing together a massive community of individuals and organizations committed to transforming the lives of Black men and boys.

Over 700 people participated in the summit, which tackled such pressing issues as fatherhood, nutrition, education, and incarceration.

From the Milwaukee Community Journal:

“Attracting predominant numbers in Black male planning and implementation, there were also in many gatherings participation to include women and youth. Sample participant locales would list Houston, St. Louis, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Irvington (NJ), Phoenix, White Plains (NY), Philadelphia, Jackson, Detroit, and San Bernardino.

The international link additionally included a real-time corresponding meeting of brothers from the Black Men’s Lekgotia in Tshwane, Botswana South Africa. According to convener Baba Buntu, their sponsoring organization is titled Shabaka – Men of Afrika. A Lekotia, Buntu explains, is a space for Black men to come together and listen to each other, learn from each other and give each other advice.

“Through exercises, conversations and presentations, issues of entrepreneurship, identity, leadership, fatherhood, culture, relationships and self development are explored from a practical Afrikan perspective,” he adds.

Kenneth Braswell of Fathers Incorporated says of the Tshwane participation: “Our work is a global work. And if this isn’t an indication of what God is doing, I don’t know what is.” Father’s Incorporated sponsored the Black Male Achievement Summit in Albany, New York.

All Summits were held on November 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Themes around which respective cities organized their sharing included Economics, Institution Building, Family Membership, Health, History and Culture, Entrepreneurship, Nutrition, Education, Male-Female Relationships, Mentoring, Fatherhood, Incarceration, and Spirituality.”

Read more on this fascinating meeting of the minds at the Milwaukee Community Journal.

And head over BlackStarProject.com to learn more about this wonderful organization.