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Don’t be like the Virgin Mary, Black Men, give the gift of Non-Conception: Take the Male Birth Control Pill


So, this is the season of, “unto us a child is born,” a time when we remember Mary’s virginal birth. Yes, to say the least, it seems like the idea time to talk about male birth control pills. Yes, you heard me right that in the very near future men will have the option of taking a pill or a shot that will restrict their bodies from producing sperm.

For the first time, a safe, effective and reversible hormonal male contraceptive appears to be within reach. Several formulations are expected to become commercially available within the near future. Men may soon have the options of a daily pill to be taken orally, a patch or gel to be applied to the skin, an injection given every three months or an implant placed under the skin every 12 months, according to Seattle researchers.

At hearing this news, I was overjoyed because I’ve always gnashed my teeth at the thought that men did not have to alter their bodies with hormones in order to enjoy childless sex. And, the thought of pulling out, telling there little men to wait to conquer, seemed for most men to be an unnatural and heinous request because releasing into bathroom toilet paper lack a certain-type of ambiance. Therefore, like most important social things in the world the responsibility of non-conception falls within the province of womenfolk work for how many of us have been told, “Girl, you better get on the pill,” as if the pill would save us from all the non-physical heart aches that come from loving a man too deeply. In many ways, the pill became our go to man when our flesh and blood man attempted to do us wrong by dropping his seed in many fertile grounds.

For many women, globally, the act of conception has often meant limited life options and depending on your class, race, religion, marriage, sexuality, and country of origin determines the level of social isolation a woman may engender from an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. And, by saying limited-life options I am speaking to the many legal and word-of-mouth constraints that are placed on a woman when she conceives or adopts a child that men are free to ignore because their bodies show no sign of their pregnancy. Yes, I said “their pregnancy” because they participated in the act of conception too.

Some of the social constraints are a woman with a child is supposed to be nurturing. She is supposed to put the child and by extension her male partner before herself. She is supposed to be all things to her children which often translate into being nothing for herself. If the man chooses to remove himself from the relationship, the woman would carry the sign of their midnight lovemaking sessions alone for her belly would be her Scarlett letter and if this letter comes in a teen black mother form than she would be the poster child for why welfare should be demolished. Of course, all this is not to say that having children is not a joy for women because for many it is irrespective of their class and race positioning.

However, even the most loving mother would agree that having a child or multiple children is not easy hence the need for birth control. But of course, even our go-to-man, birth control pills and other forms of anti-conception drugs, have wreaked havoc on our bodies from developing blood clots, becoming infertile, being sterilized without our consent as women of color, irregular bleeding to various reproductive organ cancers. Yes, birth control pills have altered our bodies as women and have taken us away from being fully connected to the moon patterns of full moons (i.e. conception/most likely fertile) to new moons (i.e. removing tissue from the uterus wall/non-conception).

To say, the least, how great it is now for men to be able to share the burden of non-conception. Just think if we had such reproductive technology decades ago how many women would not have had to undergo unsafe illegal abortions because their menfolk would have been sterile. Also, can you imagine how many women would be free of hormone dosages and how that would brighten their creativity? Of course, I am a tad bit romanticizing all of this, but the fact of the matter is that men should immediately sign on to take to the pill so everybody can have fun rolling in the hay without having to worry about a child or worry about the negative effects of consistent hormone usage by women.

Men should shoulder some the responsibility. But, of course, men are now saying how they are worried about injecting their bodies daily with hormones and all I want to say is, “Are you fucking serious?” It amazes me how some men are concerned about their health when it comes to the pill, but would have never thought about how the pill negatively effects their female partner. Furthermore, they would never once second guess asking the question of, “Are you on the pill,” before sliding their penis into our vaginas. But, now that they may be forced by the women in their lives to take such a pill they now are concerned about how the hormones will affect their bodily health. I tell you ain’t that some stuff.

But you have not heard the worst of it because some men find the option of male birth control a positive thing. However, there desire to use it is equally problematic and not out of concern for the women in their lives, but to protect themselves from gold digging baby hungry mommas. Yes, one man said that he thinks all sport players should take the pill to keep women from sneaking around with their turkey baser to impregnate themselves. I say yet again, ain’t that some stuff.

Oh, well, it is the season to remember the birth of Jesus, but I tell you even Mary would say men should shoulder some of the responsibility for conception. But, who knows perhaps the male birth control pill won’t be effective leaving many women like Mary this season immaculately conceived.