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F*** the Police [VIDEO]

Yes, “Film” is the new F-word, especially with states trying to give people 75 years in prison for video taping police officers. Ironically B.Dolan sent me this track over a year ago, long before the Occupy movement began exposing the militarization and brutalization of the police for a worldwide audience. Paradise Gray shot my scenes at the police department on the Northside of Pittsburgh (if you look closely you can see where the police interrupt our shoot), and in front of Occupy Pittsburgh, which has been given an eviction notice by the bank, BNY Mellon, that own the land they reside. Toki Wright also rips the track and Strange Famous Records CEO Sage Francis makes a cameo as the judge in our modern day remix of the classic NWA song.

Call to keep Occupy Pittsburgh from getting evicted… Mayor’s Office 412 255 2626 BNY Mellon 412 323 7821 Pittsburgh Police 412 323 7821