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Occupy The Hood Answers Its Critics

Jasiri X and Malik Rhasaan of Occupy the Hood at Occupy Wall St(Photo by Paradise Gray)

It’s hard to believe Occupy the Hood is just a little more than 3 months old. Inspired by Occupy Wall St, Malik Rhasaan and Ife Johari formed Occupy the Hood to make sure issues specific to the Black community were not overlooked. In the subsequent media firestorm Occupy the  Hood was featured on sites as diverse as CNN and WorldstarHipHop and was highlighted in Time Magazine’s 2011 Person of the Year, “The Protester“. But, with attention comes haters, some upset that Occupy the Hood is getting the recognition they feel they deserve, some afraid they may lose their funding to Occupy the Hood, and some who feel because they haven’t personally co signed Malik and Ife they’re not “legitimate” leadership.

In this interview Malik Rhasaan breaks down the origin of Occupy the Hood and takes on their critics and detractors.