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How High Is School?

This week the Dogfather Snoop and tree deacon Wiz Khalifa bring us the soundtrack of their new movie Mac and Devin Go to High School. The release has me thinking about the relationship between cannabis culture, hip hop and Black existence that seems to have been brought together first by Method Man and Redman. It’s […]

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BYP WakeUpCall

Hear Common’s New Album The Dreamer/The Believer HERE!


Hear Common’s new album The Dreamer/The Believer in it’s entirety at!

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Half of All Public Schools Are FAILING Under No Child Left Behind!


According to a recent report from the Center on Education Policy, nearly half of all public schools are failing federal standards this year, marking the largest failing rate since the launch of No Child Left Behind. Is it time for a serious overhaul of No Child Left Behind? What will happen to Public Education if we don’t? Sound off below!

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The Voice of Fatherhood

Today is Tuesday and it is a cold sunny day. I’m off to work to head up my fatherhood program. After my work is complete it’s time to pick up my 2 year old daughter from daycare. Before I can make it to pick her up, I’m already receiving text messages from my daughters mother […]

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Re: If I Were a Poor Black Kid

When I first read Gene Marks’ article, my stomach flipped. The article was a lesson in the need to stay in your lane. I’ve got no beef with Marks, he is a middle class White man, a product of his paternalistic environment. He believes that he knows what’s best for poor Black kids. His lack […]

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How the Public School System is Failing America

With my ongoing addiction to political documentaries, I watched “Waiting for Superman” on Monday night. While I realize I’m a little late in reviewing the movie, (it released in September of 2010), I can’t help but spread the knowledge I gained from the eye-opening film. As an English major and Political Science minor, my main […]

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VIDEO: Police Officer Tasers 14 Year-Old Girl!


A surveillance video has surfaced showing at Allentown, Pennsylvania police officer using a taser on a 14 year-old girl outside of her high school. Watch the video at, and tell us if you think using a TASER on a 14 year-old girl is EVER justified…

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The New Media Revolution Within a Queer-Subculture: Facebook & Identity Politics

Over the coming weeks, I will be examining how new media has transformed the lives of queer communities of color. As we observe the new media revolution around the world we know that we are only beginning to understand how new media is shifting politics, business and personal relationships/connections. We have been overloaded with the […]

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News Flash

Time Magazine names “The Protester” it’s Person of the Year


Time Magazine has just named “The Protester” it’s Person of the Year. And we couldn’t agree more. Read more at!

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The Dream Today; Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


As we approach the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and all of the celebratory events that come with it, I am revisiting some of his words and thinking about where we are today. Is the dream being realized through our cities, our offices, our classrooms? I want to begin by echoing a problematic […]

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