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Monthly Archives: December 2011

If I Was A Poor Black Kid? Are You Serious?

By edward 12:15 am December 13, 2011 Yesterday, I read a truly disturbing article written by Gene Marks, a business and technology contributor for Forbes Magazine. The article entitled, “If I was a Poor Black Kid” laid out what Marks believed to be the panacea to the inequalities facing poor Black youth in the United States. […]

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SERIOUS Safety Violations at Head Start Centers: Machetes, Expired Formula, and More!


According to a recent report released by the Inspector General of Health and Human Services, Head Start centers across the country were found to be in violation of a variety of shocking health and safety regulations between 2009 and 2010, including machetes being left near play areas, employees working without background checks, expired infant formula and more! Read more at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Review of The Roots ‘Undun’

By malcolm @blak_kings 2:00 pm December 12, 2011 Since their first release in 1993, The Roots have served as the model of consistency in not only hip-hop but music in general. The groups rare blend of wildly talented musicians and the deep, perseptive words of Tariq Trotter also known as Black Thought have made the […]

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F*** the Police [VIDEO]

By jasiri x 1:51 pm December 12, 2011 Yes, “Film” is the new F-word, especially with states trying to give people 75 years in prison for video taping police officers. Ironically B.Dolan sent me this track over a year ago, long before the Occupy movement began exposing the militarization and brutalization of the police for […]

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Obama: GOP Let Economy Tank In Order To Undermine Me


In a fairly hard-hitting interview with 60 minutes, President Obama gave his most candid and aggressive statements on the GOP to date, lambasting their tactics over the past few years as blatantly personal and obstructionist. Check out the interview at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Fightin’ Words: On Awkward Black Girl and the CFC

By Summer M. 8:16 am December 12, 2011 Of the many things I’ve received from the inimitable Grandma Charlotte, including second-hand smoke, the basics of knitting, and a tendency to yell at people appearing on television as if they can somehow hear me, her literary example and advice on general matters are probably the gifts […]

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Weekly News Round-Up: Dec. 5-11

By BYP @blackyouthproj 2:43 pm December 11, 2011 Black student Byron Thomas defends his Confederate flag Staff Writer, WTSP News, 11/5/11 Obama Effort Hides but Can’t Run From Affirmative Action: View Staff Writer, Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/6/11 Study shows half of black males drop out of school Lisa Singleton-Rickman, Times Daily, 12/5/11 NAACP warns black and […]

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Video: The Radical Imagination Series by Richard Stevenson Jr.

The Radical Imagination Series

By rich @RichInVisions 12:26 pm December 9, 2011 ”The act of imagining is the root of all creation.” Amiri Baraka. The human spirit is beautiful, naturally creative, and inherently powerful. Lately I’ve been inspired by some brilliant people who exhibit these qualities in their lives. The common link between them lies in their passionate love […]

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Let the Wailing Black Women Come: 60% of Black Girls are Sexually Abused before 18

By Fallon 9:11 am December 9, 2011 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vRFLgbIUWQ Black Women’s Blue Print reports that 60 percent of black girls are sexually abused before the age of 18. Wow!  When I first read this in my Facebook’s newsfeed I was speechless. 60 percent is a nice round number though if we are all honest with ourselves […]

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VIDEO: Jay-Z Speaks on Occupy, Paying Higher Taxes with CNN


In an interview with CNN, Jay-Z said he’d have no problem paying more taxes as long as he knew the money would go to the right place. Do you agree? Check out the interview at BlackYouthProject.com

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