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SERIOUS Safety Violations at Head Start Centers: Machetes, Expired Formula, and More!


According to a recent report released by the Inspector General of Health and Human Services, Head Start centers across the country were found to be in violation of a variety of shocking health and safety regulations between 2009 and 2010.

These numerous violations range from the horrifying to the downright bizarre; including machetes being left near play areas, employees working without background checks, children’s bathrooms without working lights for weeks, expired infant formula, and dangerous chemicals left easily accessible to children.

Though these inspections weren’t done to all Head Start centers, the violations raise serious questions about the program.

From NewsOne:

“All told, according to the review:

-Twenty-one of 24 grantees did not comply fully with federal Head Start or state requirements to conduct criminal and other background checks.

-Nearly 90 percent of the facilities had toxic chemicals labeled “keep out of reach of children” and cleaning supplies accessible to children.

-More than 70 percent had open or broken gates leading to parking lots, streets or unsupervised areas and inadequate or broken fences.

-More than half had playground equipment that was not in good repair with problems such as protruding bolts, broken climbing apparatuses and elevated platforms without protective guards.

The inspector general recommended that the Administration for Families and Children, which falls under HHS and oversees Head Start, conduct onsite monitoring to ensure that centers comply with health and safety regulations.”

Read the rest of this article at NewsOne.com

Can we trust Head Start to clean up its act?

Do you think these violations are the exception or the norm?

Would you feel comfortable leaving your child at a Head Start center?

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