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The Death of The Bill of Rights

Last week, the United States Senate passed a bill that could end the Bill Of Rights as we know it with a 93 to 7 vote. The National Defense Authorization Act allows for $662 billion dollars in spending by the Department of Defense for the next fiscal year. It also gives the military the power to detain any terror suspect indefinitely, including U.S. citizens. If passed by the house and signed by our president, this bill would allow for the indefinite detention of any citizen accused of an anti-government act, including Occupy protesters, journalists, and even bloggers.

President Obama says he will veto the bill, and I really hope he does, but honestly there is no telling what he will do. People being detained without being charged is not a new phenomenon, this bill would only solidify the military’s capabilities to do so. Jose Padilla, the “dirty bomb” plotter, spent three and a half years detained as an “enemy combatant” until he was finally charged. If this bill becomes law, we could all become the next Jose Padilla. Anybody suspected of being a terrorist could be detained without any rights to a lawyer or due process. Amendments to the bill were proposed that would have weakened the more dangerous militaristic side of things, but they were voted down.

This is clearly a preemptive strike by our government to ensure that there will be no revolution in this country. Our government is frightened by the Occupy Wall Street movement, and scared of the change that a movement like that can bring. People with power do not give it up willingly, and this was the first step to prevent the situation in the U.S. from escalating to a more revolutionary overtaking of the government by the people, like what people are still struggling for  in Egypt. Dear Mr. Obama, please veto this bill or there will be disastrous consequences in the near future.