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The Voice of Fatherhood

Today is Tuesday and it is a cold sunny day. I’m off to work
to head up my fatherhood program. After my work is complete it’s time to pick
up my 2 year old daughter from daycare.

Before I can make it to pick her up, I’m
already receiving text messages from my daughters mother “why haven’t you
picked her up yet call me so I can make sure she is safe”.

This put some thoughts in my head! Why is the legal
system set up to give the mothers so much
control over the way a man raise his child.

Becoming a father is often a very scary thing for any man to
face in their lifetime, not only do you have the concern of being responsible
for the life of another, you also have to deal with the attitude and mood
changes of a woman for the rest of your life.

I see young men everyday trying to do the right thing in regard’s with
taking care of their kids the best way they know how but it is not always as
easy as it sounds. When you have a child with someone it creates a long lasting
bond with that woman. It can also become very difficulty when you move on and part
ways with the mother of your child. Then she continues to hold on to an imaginary
love the two of you once shared.

As a unmarried  father it seems like we only have limited rights in raising our children when we don’t live
in the same household.  The legal system looks like it works against the benefit of the child.

A woman can easily go into the court say a man doesn’t  take care of their child and get awarded child
support. When in fact the woman in some cases are still very bitter because the
father has moved on with his life but the father has not moved on from loving and taking
care of his child.

This is happening everyday all over the world father’s fighting for rights just to be in their child’s life. We have to help our fathers by providing support so they can continue to be in their child’s life.