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Time Magazine names “The Protester” it’s Person of the Year

Time Magazine has just announced their pick for the magazine’s annual person of the year; “The Protester.”

And the decision feels very appropriate.

Obviously, there is more work to be done. These demonstrations are far from over. But from Syria to Seattle, mass protests have done so much to reshape the continued sociopolitical dialogue of this nation, and nations all across the globe. More than any person or thing this year, protest movements and “people power” have done so much to change our world.

We couldn’t agree more with Time’s choice.

From NewsOne:

“The news magazine cited dissent across the Middle East that has spread to Europe and the United States and said these protesters are reshaping global politics.”

Read the rest of this article at NewsOne.com

What do you think of Time Magazine’s choice?

Does it give these movements any kind of legitimacy?

Does a “Person of the Year” designation even matter?

Sound off below!