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VIDEO: Police Officer Tasers 14 Year-Old Girl!

A surveillance video has surfaced showing an Allentown, Pennsylvania police officer using a taser on a 14 year-old girl outside of her high school

According to The Grio, the incident took place on September 29th. 14 year-old Keshana Wilson can be seen on the tape walking with some friends. She then turns and begins talking with another group of young people.  There is then an abrupt edit, and suddenly she’s struggling with a police officer against her parked car. The officer then backs up, and tasers the young lady. She immediately drops to the ground.

Several security officers rush in, and a teen boy is seen being led away in handcuffs.

Needless to say, details are very scarce on this incident.

From The Grio:

“The Morning Call reports Wilson was taken to the hospital to have probes from the Taser removed. She was charged with aggravated assault on the officer, simple assault, riot, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and walking on the highway, according to the Morning Call. The Morning Call also reports the assault and riot charges were dismissed in juvenile court.

Attorney Richard J. Orloski filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court on behalf of Wilson’s mother, Victoria Geist. The suit claims the officer used excessive force against the teen girl.

100 seconds of the video is missing, according to the lawsuit. The video does not show the confrontation between the officer and the girl nor what prompted it. The Morning Call reports that the lawsuit and the Allentown Police Department gave different accounts.”

Ms. Wilson’s family say Keshana did nothing to provoke the officer, while the Allentown Police Department maintain that Keshana resisted arrest and even elbowed the officer in the chin.

Still, one has to wonder if using a taser on a 14 year-old girl is ever necessary.

Read the rest of this article at TheGrio.com

What do yo think?

Was it acceptable for the officer to use a taser on Keshana if she was, in fact, resisting?

Or was the officer completely out of line here?

Sound off below!