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Weekly News Round-Up: Dec. 20-25

Barack the Vote: MTV Comes to Obama’s Rescue with Renewed Youth Vote Push
Staff Writer, BH News, 12/20/11

Montclair’s black enrollment keeps dropping
George Wirt, North Jersey News, 12/20/11

Fewer black students
Staff Writer, Cambridge News, 12/21/11

NIU students start petition to pick new spot for police station
Andrew Mitchell, Daily Chronicle, 12/21/11

Students of every color invited to Kent-Meridian’s new club
Charles Cortes, Kent Reporter, 12/23/11

Study finds disparity in black achievement
Staff Writer, The Spokesman Review, 12/24/11

Segregated Charter Schools Evoke Separate But Equal Era in U.S.
John Hechinger, Bloomberg News, 12/24/11

More Black Leaders
Charles Hallman, Minnesota Recorder, 12/25/11

Historically black, historically white churches form Mobile Bay parish
Roy Hoffman, Press-Register , 12/24/11