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Weekly News Round-Up: Dec. 5-11

Black student Byron Thomas defends his Confederate flag
Staff Writer, WTSP News, 11/5/11

Obama Effort Hides but Can’t Run From Affirmative Action: View
Staff Writer, Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/6/11

Study shows half of black males drop out of school
Lisa Singleton-Rickman, Times Daily, 12/5/11

NAACP warns black and Hispanic Americans could lose right to vote
Ed Pilkington, The Guardian, 12/5/11

Black officials scarce, despite population gains
Liz Hayes, Valley News Dispatch, 11/6/11

Youth support state’s emission’s rule
Staci Matlock , The New Mexican, 11/7/11

Wide Achievement Gap Between Black and White DCPS Students: Study
Andy Salsman, NBC News, 12/8/11

Black One-Percenters; Creepy ‘50s; Shocking Abuse: Jeremy Gerard
Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg News, 12/9/11

Youth activists condemn campus violence
Muath Freij, The Jordan Times, 11/10/11