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Weekly News Round-Up Nov. 28 – Dec. 4

After 20 years, Youth Alive continues its fight to end gun violence among Oakland’s young people
Staff Writer, SF Chronicle, 11/29/11

SeattleYouth Violence Prevention Initiative Credited With Reducing Crime in Troubled Neighborhoods
Keegan Hamilton , Seattle News, 11/29/11

Youth violence decreasing in Seattle, new report says
Charla Bear, NPR, 11/29/11

How Empowering Young, Black, Gay Men to Lead Can Address Spikes in HIV
Charles Stephens, Huffington Post, 11/30/11

Education, a better way to protect youth
Tom D. Black , AJC, 11/30/11

Young, Black and Voting
Peter Levine, The Root, 12/2/11

In youth we learn, in age we understand
Liam Toland, Irish Times, 12/2/11

Young black males are stopped and searched the most often stats show
Ayo Johnson, The Royal Gazette, 12/2/11

Staff Writer, The Star, 12/3/11

Black student sparks debate with Confederate flag
Staff Writer, Florida Courier, 12/3/11

Parents, students react to discussion about Cape Girardeau School District dress code change
Erin Ragan, Southeast Missourian, 12/4/11