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Monthly Archives: January 2012

BYP Blogger Edward James III Delivers Keynote Address at MLK Breakfast

Our very own Edward James III was the keynote speaker at the 19th annual MLK Day Breakfast in Sarasota this past week. Edward spoke eloquently and passionately about the importance of enterprise and civic engagement to stem the tide of violence and self-destruction in our communities. Check out his riveting speech at BlackYouthProject.com!

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What would the World be Like if all Little Black Girls Were Treated Like Ms. Blue Ivy Carter

By Fallon 2:29 pm January 20, 2012 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR9NNyT5yEA What if we treated every little girl of color like we treat Ms. Blue Ivy Carter? What would the world be like if everyone in the world waited with breath held for every little girl of color Spirit to divinely make their grand entree into this world […]

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Soul Legend Etta James Dies at 73

After a much publicized battle with leukemia, soul legend Etta James has died at the age of 73. R.I.P. Etta.

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President Obama Sings Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ at the Apollo

Check out a clip of President Obama breaking out into a surprisingly on point rendition of Al Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Not bad, right? BlackYouthProject.com / @BlackYouthProj

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Educational Systems, Parental Guidance and the Stress Levels of Black Children

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 3:09 am January 20, 2012 At my job there are specific rules that may seem contradictory to norms that exist in society. A particular rule that I was once confused about relates to parent-child contact during youth development activities. We basically don’t allow parents in the room while we’re conducting their post-school […]

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What is the Effect of a “Black” Name in America?

By aria 2:00 pm January 19, 2012 I recently watched the documentary “Freakonomics” in which one of the topics they covered was the importance of names. The economists researched if there are certain names that can guarantee a child’s success or failure in life as well as the effect one’s name has on their personality. […]

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‘Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls” Creator Speaks Out, Releases Part 2

Shit white Girls Say

“Shit White Girls Say—To Black Girls” creator Franchesca Ramsey has returned with a sequel to her highly controversial contribution to the relentless “Shit People Say” meme. And it is absolutely hilarious. Check it out, as well as her appearance on Anderson Cooper’s talk show, at BlackYouthProject.com / @BlackYouthProj

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VIDEO: Obama Campaign Calls Out Koch Brothers In New TV Ad


The Obama Reelection Capmaign has unleashed their first television ad of the 2012 election season. Dealing largely with Obama’s record on clean energy and ethics, the 30-second spot is also notable for calling out the Koch Brothers. Check it out at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Where is Daddy!

By sheldon 9:03 am January 19, 2012 An interesting story was circulated through the news media this week. It was about a mother who forced her son to wear a sign “I lie, I steal and sell drugs.” As this story was being analyzed and chopped up by different media reports, I started to realize […]

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Why I Hesitate to Use the “P-word”… “Progress” & Black American Life


By rich @RichInVisions 4:44 pm January 18, 2012 “Nobody is free until everybody is free.” -Fannie Lou Hamer Why am I so hesitant to speak of progress? I think it’s because my heart is heavy and my conscience is unclear given what I know about our present. I can’t state enough that the middle and upper class, […]

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