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Arizona Students Organize Their Own Ethnic Studies Courses

In opposition to a city-wide ban on the teaching of Mexican-American Studies courses in high schools, a group of Tucson, AZ Chicano students have organized their own weekly ethnic studies courses.

According to Colorlines, 60 percent of students in the Tucson school district are Latino, yet courses focusing specifically on the history of Mexican Americans are prohibited.

From Colorlines:

“‘We’re teaching the traditional curriculum, if a student was in the Mexican American history perspective classes they defaulted to a traditional history class,’ Sean Arce told Feet in Two Worlds. Arce is the co-founder and director of the Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican American studies program.

‘We want to plant a seed, to keep learning about our history and culture,’ Jesus Romero a member of Unidos told Feet in Two Worlds.”

Read more at Colorlines.com

Why would Tucson adopt a policy that bans ethnic studies courses?

Are you inspired by the actions of these young people?

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