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Weekly News Round-Up: Jan. 31 – Feb. 5

LincolnPosts Lowest Grad Rate for African-American Students of AnyPPSHigh School
Hannah Hoffman, WillametteWeek News, 1/31/12

Salem State holding annual MLK Convocation
Justin A. Rice, Boston Globe, 1/31/12

Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (And The World Listens)
Andrew Bell, Sacramento Press, 1/31/12

Illinois’ Injustice System
Joel Handley, In These Times, 2/1/12

Black Student Leadership Conference
Staff Writer, Surfky News Group, 2/2/12

Students Celebrate Black History Month
Judy Mottl, Babylon Village Patch, 2/2/12

Is the juvenile justice court system racist?
Jimmie Davis, Jr., Westside Gazette, 2/2/12

White cops kill a black, mentally disabled youth
Wendell Hutson, Chicago City Hall Examiner, 2/3/12

Education is the great equalizer
Teresa Stepzinski, The Florida Times Union, 2/5/12