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The Radical Imagination Series: Illy L

“Imagination is the root of all creation.” –Amiri Baraka

Today The Radical Imagination Project brings you a new episode of our original series, The Radical Imagination Series, a show that highlights innovative homegrown talent that inspire change in their global community. Our philosophy is that if we invest in the creative imagination of our Black Youth, they will in turn re-imagine our world with peace, love, and justice.

This episode highlights Illy Lussiano, an amazingly creative hair artist from New England. Watch Illy talk life, art, and the future in the 8th episode of our series. The purpose of these features is to create and spread dialogue about issues central to the creative potential of Black Youth. So, let’s keep it going.

Check out Illy’s site www.illyL.com and engage with her as she blazes new trails in hair artistry.

Check out all other episodes of our series here: http://radicalimagination.tumblr.com

And sound off below to keep the thoughts and imagination flowing.