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They Say This Subject is Getting Old

They say this subject is getting old.

I love it when they ask to touch my hair,

they say, it feels like a sheep or wool…

Or when a man lustfully locks his eyes

on a females thighs and says,

girl you just to cute to be a dike,

or when they say, come here,

come here you little sambo, you little coon,

u speak so well while spitting that spoken word.

You’re so articulate and clean

or when they deem my name meaningless,

I stop being Jonathan, and start being their gay friend…

being black and gay in America is the actuality

of two oppressions manifested into one incomplete lifetime—

but gay people have just as many rights as the rest of the world, right.

Massachusetts ,Iowa,, Vermont…

only 40+ more states to go before

I don’t have to travel to marry the person that I love

I walked across the wrong color-line,

separating the level of education,

the stench of my skin, and the difference between tolerance and ignorance…

cuz the world doesn’t know what it means to be colorblind,

and the world is still ignorant…

and they say this subject is getting old…

Jena 6 was a little bit more than a coincidence,

hanging 6 nooses on a tree, symbolizing
6 illegitimate

excuses that six black men had to be prosecuted

because this nation has yet to overcome

and they say this subject is getting old and they say

I already know that racist rhetoric I was already told

But this event taught me math,

cuz nooses plus illegitimate excuses,

plus black men equals the number six, six, six

and I’m not superstitious and I don’t believe in illusions

But that number represents that we’re incomplete…

Mike Huckabee compared homosexuality to necrophilia

and his conservative mindset is what keeps our minds

captured in cages scattered with landmines

of inequality And those mines blow up in the minds of children

as they breed their judgmental thoughts to their off-spring,

you’re like a virus and it must be cured…

cuz they see minorities as incomplete…

and incomplete people only deserve incomplete number…

so they stapled the number 6 on my forehead…

having six month anniversaries for gay hate crime victims

and Matthew Shepherd laying in a puddle of blood for 6 hours,

before he was found on the 6th hour of a Wednesday morning

where channel 6 News turned his death into ratings…

six for the silence that was purging my ears for tolerance…

six for the little girl that couldn’t come out to the world because of this fear this rejection…

six for the suicidal thoughts that cry out from hell screaming freedom…

Cuz in Hebrew the number “6” represents incomplete…

and to them homosexuality equals the number 666…

cuz this country has a history of tagging misunderstanding as incomplete…

so this subject is not, getting old…but their bigotry, IS….