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Dream House Of a Thousand Kisses

A home & love have similar traits: security, shelter, and the most comfortable place for you & your feelings. So yes, young people have to understand the meaning of this metaphor. The construction of the house, of the relationship requires emotional work. Regardless of our age and orientation, sharing happiness with others takes a commitment to healthy manners. As participants of the relationship our actions make experiences.  That’s why willingness to devote focus and offer inspiration are some necessities to handling emotional problems. Problems dealing with emotions are as stressful as controlling a household. Meaning that ignoring our youth on their path to love makes our culture loveless.

As a young lover myself, I wish to share what my journeys have taught me. Our duties in a relationship originate from choice and not routine, we make the choice to unify ourselves with someone we find special. Whether we want to go on dates or dream about one future, the relationship is the product of our labor. Don’t be afraid to engage in her more than Monday night football; take on the hard task of doing something meaningful to her. Love notoriously plays a large part in a woman’s life, but why should young men deny love’s importance? Know that love is a building process and exhausting emotional labor is natural. It won’t be a dream house, but a house filled with dreams. Love is our home.