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Grand jury may charge Relisha Rudd’s mother in disappearance

A grand jury is considering charging the mother of an 8-year-old Washington, D.C. girl who has been missing since February.

Shameka Young could face charges for hindering the investigation as police searched for her daughter. 

From WUSA:

Shameka Young insisted her daughter was safe, three weeks after she went missing. ”She should absolutely be charged. She should have never gave her child to a man she just met at the shelter in the beginning that was crazy,” said one mother who wanted to remain anonymous.

Parents at the DC General shelter weigh in on the heartbreaking Relisha Rudd case and the possibility that her mother, Shameka Young, could face charges for hindering the investigation as police searched for her daughter.

“I think she knows more than what she’s telling folks,” she continued. The 8 year old little girl lived at DC General’s Shelter with her mother and siblings until her mom gave Khalil Tatum, a shelter janitor, permission to take her in late February. The mother even helped Tatum pose as a doctor in order to take her out of school. Relisha was last seen March 1st.

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Relisha’s alleged abductor’s body was found in Kenilworth Park. Police say Khalil Tatum, 51, committed suicide. There is still no sign of Relisha Rudd.

There is a reward of $25,000 for information leading to Relisha’s return.

Should Relisha’s mother be charged?

Do you believe that she knows more about her daughter’s whereabouts than she’s saying?

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