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Aaron is a writer, activist, and aspiring scholar based in Chicago. In addition to being a regular blogger for the Black Youth Project,   hiis work has been featured in MusedMag online, the Feminist Wire, and TruthOut.com. He is also a member of the Black Youth Project 100,  a national activist member-based organization of Black 18 to 35 year-old men and women who are dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. He is currently a graduate student in the Urban Teacher Education Program at the University of Chicago. Follow him on twitter @Talley_Marked

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Posts by Aaron

Revolution Ain’t a One Time Thing

BYP100 Chicago Chapter organizes a "die-in" at Chicago City Hall. Photo credit: Progress Illinois.

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 11:53 am November 26, 2014 Mike Brown is dead. He joins the legions of black bodies that have been killed at the hands of the white supremacist state. As of yesterday, Darren Wilson is free. He joins the legions of white men who have gone free after killing black boys. Put simply, […]

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No One Is Coming To Save Us

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 10:33 am August 8, 2014 My friend and I are both teachers. Last year, during a cold fall month with no snow on the ground, we were driving around the south side of Chicago looking for notable graffiti. My friend was teaching a unit on hip-hop, and since graffiti is a key […]

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America’s White Supremacy Problem

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 8:13 am July 21, 2014 A year ago, when George Zimmerman was unjustly acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin, I wanted to believe that this would be a moment that would wake the country up from its post-racial stupor. For me, as a black male, and for many other black people […]

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Black Folks Must Talk About Healing

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 7:05 am April 11, 2014 It was the last bright day of sunshine I can remember before the winter hit. I was at my friend’s home, celebrating her son’s 5th birthday. The party brought all the feelings that children bring, the sweetness of cake, pregnant laughter, and of course adults encircling care […]

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“Not White People”


By Aaron @Talley_Marked 10:03 am February 28, 2014 This past winter, as a student teacher in a kindergarten class on the South Side of Chicago, I got the pleasure of hearing one of my students articulate the centuries old matter of black humanity within the context of whiteness and white supremacy. It happened during the […]

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The Revolution Will Have To Be Televised

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 10:02 am February 7, 2014 I am furious this week. Angered, unsurprised, and yet still caught off guard. I am angry because recent moments in the media reveal the extent to which it remains a monstrous perpetrator of violence against Black humanity. I reference two moments in particular, 1) This alleged celebrity […]

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What’s History Got to Do With Us Black Millennials?

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 4:04 pm January 20, 2014 My generation is often accused of not knowing our history. This sets up a number of problems. 1) It presupposes history as a good launching point for present action. 2) It implies that there is a clear and neat history that we should be learning. And 3) […]

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A Love Letter to Black Youth

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 10:18 am January 12, 2014 Dear Black youth, I love you. And I mean you. Not the “you” in other people’s imaginations and expectations, but I mean that I love you for who you really are. I see you for who you are, all of you, and I love you. I love […]

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Let’s Adopt An #IWokeUpLikeThis Politics for 2014

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 11:05 am December 26, 2013 Whether or not Beyonce can call herself a feminist has been the topic that has captured most of the attention to Beyonce’s latest work. While interesting, I am more compelled by the threads of self-love and resistance laced throughout the album. My personal favorite moment of self-love […]

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Radical Politics is Not a Luxury

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 10:27 am November 15, 2013 On Tuesday, in an interview with Marc Lamont Hill, rapper Nelly was questioned about being challenged by women at Spelman College years ago for his controversial video Tip Drill. Nelly, who at the time planned to have a bone marrow drive at the college for his sister, […]

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