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The latest black example: Kelley Williams-Bolar

By anonymous 10:38 am January 27, 2011 I grew up in Chicago with a mom that was overzealous about education.  By the time I was twelve, I’d gone to seven different schools.  I went to one school for Kindergarten, two schools for first grade, I was home-schooled halfway through second grade and then started at […]

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The world is still anti-gay

By anonymous 9:44 am January 20, 2011 When I was 13 years old, I had a crush on my one of my teachers. She was a woman. She was 50 years old. I told her I liked her and she told me she was married. Bummers. Anyway, I’m sure this is rich with Freudian issues […]

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Freedom of speech is a white privilege

By anonymous 11:53 am January 13, 2011 This is the map Sarah Palin published on her site in 2010. Less than a week ago, someone reached one of those targets. Is Sarah to blame? She certainly doesn’t think so and she isn’t alone. What’s interesting about this situation though, is while a number of media […]

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There is no such thing as an H.N.I.C.

By anonymous 12:16 pm December 16, 2010 I’ll admit I haven’t been that interested in the Obama administration since the presidential campaign.  Yes, I voted this year, but that’s because I’m loyal to certain entrenched systems in the world and not because I like them.  There are just some things I don’t try to overthrow. […]

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The black quarterback

By anonymous 11:01 am December 9, 2010 Where there are sports, there are rituals, superstitions, and curses. And where there is a black quarterback, there is a contentious relationship with the white head coach, a pending court case, a finished prison sentence, a lost Super Bowl, or an early benching during a game. Where’s the […]

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For Discussion: Lesbians slapping one another on video

By anonymous 9:49 am December 2, 2010 I could barely watch this entire video and as usual the comments in the Bossip section are worse than the posted content. First, I can’t help but notice what appears to be a trend of hard-ass lesbians hitting the scene in many homophobic communities. It appears that there […]

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Ya’ll Suck!!! (My post-election bitchfest.)

By anonymous 3:12 pm November 4, 2010 On Tuesday November 2, 2010, I began my day at the Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn. My coworker and I got there at 10 o’clock ready to get the order for our office kitchen done. I had the sniffles. Unfortunately, we didn’t leave until 3:30pm. The combination of […]

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For Discussion: Bring Your A Game

By anonymous 11:38 am October 28, 2010 I have attached a clip from the documentary “Bring Your A Game” filmed by Mario Van Peebles to start a much needed discussion about the impact of hip hop and sports on black education. I was unable to embed the entire documentary so please be sure to check […]

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Is “black love” a burden?

By anonymous 11:32 am October 21, 2010 The other day, I stumbled upon a Facebook conversation about the television show, Private Practice. The women, mostly black, were talking about how they didn’t like Addison (the primary white character) and Taye Diggs (the only black man on the show) dating. They made no mention of race. […]

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Bishop Eddie Long and Male Rape

By anonymous 11:18 am October 14, 2010 A few weeks ago when news broke about Bishop Eddie Long’s sexual exploitation of his church’s younger male patrons, one of my favorite news sites, Bossip, suggested the number would go as high as 30. I’ll admit the main blogger is a bit homophobic but for the most […]

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