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There are a million Guatemalas

…Tuskegee and Guatemala are drops in the bucket when it comes to testing on vulnerable populations. However, I will say what often makes some of the medical mistreatment of blacks so egregious is that we have been such important catalysts to medical discovery. So while Tuskegee was happening, whether blacks were infected intentionally or got syphilis on their own accord, there was a cure available. The withholding of treatment was not some random clerical error.

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Bound-a-ry: a limit.

By anonymous 7:04 am September 30, 2010 I am the proud auntie of a six year old skinny first grader. He’s a smart little kid, and funny, and wears glasses, and is still too young to know that flipping over a couch can cause serious injury. He’s having fun and is learning the boundaries of […]

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Internetting while black

By anonymous 9:54 am September 23, 2010 My friend and I have a joke (and I’m sure tons of other people) that the worst thing to happen to black people was integration. However, I’ve been distancing myself from that joke and not because I live in multi-culti New York and not because I love the […]

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Muslim Hate: Northern- and Southern-Style

A southerner once told me that American racism in the North was worse than in the South. For him, the covert racism he experienced in certain northern cities was more dangerous and misleading. Not sure I ever really understood the call for a more “upfront” racism as it seemed a scary thing that I could be called a Nigger in the open or accosted in a way that reminded me of my place in the world.

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Food for Thought: The F#ck up that is the FDA

With the latest food recall still underway, one could make the argument that members of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) don’t actually eat food, at least not the the same things they are allowing to make it to our plates. Or perhaps the FDA only employs individuals with private gardens and free roaming chickens in their own spacial backyards. If so, the rampant oversight and lack of quality assurance makes more sense. Not saying it is right, but it would be easier to digest it all. Pun intended.

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Performing Trauma: Antoine and Kelly Dodson

We all know too well the easiest way to get on television is to either have something tragic happen or to be tragic. It is clear in almost every reality show on television from The Real Housewives Series to The Bad Girls Club to Jersey Shore that we as a world are desperate for three things more than most; for people to either fear us, feel sorry for us, or to laugh at us.

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Dr. Laura and Post-Race America

Soon after President Barack Obama was elected, the lie of post-race America began. it was this idea that because we had a black president in office, we as a nation, had somehow transcended race. But the very idea of a raceless (it isn’t even a real word) society is impossible. However, for many, the uptick in interracial relationships coupled with a bi-racial President in office is overwhelming evidence that society has moved on from the big “R.” Fortunately, we still have reminders.

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Michelle Obama vs. Steven Slater

What’s the fascination with white people quitting work? If Steven Slater were a brotha he’d be splattered on the tarmac and posthumously charged with theft (for the two beers). He would have also been labeled lazy, crazy, and quite possibly a terrorist.

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Shifting viewpoints: Gay Marriage

By anonymous 11:06 am August 5, 2010 Just recently, I saw a video about Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and in the video two animated characters are talking about discrimination.  The transsexual character questioned the non-transsexual character’s loyalty because she continued to go to the festival even though the festival discriminates against transsexual people.  At some […]

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The Kids Are All Right (spoiler alert)

By anonymous 1:58 pm July 22, 2010 I was in college and in the closet when The L Word first aired on television. My then girlfriend and I got the hookup from the dorm cable guy and each sunday night we would curl up in her twin bed to watch the episodes. Beyond the uber-feminine, […]

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