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The Secret Lives of Others

By anonymous 3:06 pm July 15, 2010 We should all feel a little remorse for Mel Gibson. This is not in defense of his behavior nor am I excusing or condoning anything he did on the tape. I’m only suggesting we read between the lines and review just how the private lives of others become […]

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Are illegal immigrants the problem?

By anonymous 9:36 am July 8, 2010 The illegal immigrant is not a border problem but a business one.  And while it is fair to say the question of illegal immigration brings up all our trauma around race and xenophobia, it is also fair to say it brings out our capitalist as well.  Thus, the […]

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Race for Rent

By anonymous 9:09 am July 1, 2010 _ Back in the day, Paul Mooney had a skit called “1-800-Blame a Nigger.” It was an emergency phone service that rented out black people to take the blame for white crimes. The idea being that white people blamed so much shit on black folks, someone should create […]

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The Black Recession will last forever…

By anonymous 1:00 am June 17, 2010 There is this almost monolithic idea that black people are on a journey, a fight of sorts, to move from Point A to Point B. That is, as a people we are trying to get from here to there. However, there isn’t really a known destination–it is quite […]

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Helen Thomas, you are too old for apologies.

By anonymous 8:04 am June 10, 2010 When I turn 89, I’m going to tell everyone to kiss my ass. By then I would have done my share of sucking up and can finally either ask for it in return or just simply say “fuck off”. Whatever comes out of my mouth will certainly not […]

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Policing black [youth] bodies in an urban context

By anonymous 6:34 am June 3, 2010 The kids are right in that freedom to offend is part of our democracy.  But no other ethnic group ever concluded that terrible behavior was a version of ethnic authenticity.  That is a black American innovation in cultural imbecility. –Stanley Crouch, Daily News 2010 When America Idol’s General […]

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Dear Uncle Thomas,

By anonymous 10:25 am May 20, 2010 Despite Harriet Beecher Stowe’s best intentions, her character Uncle Tom has become a pejorative term aimed at black American’s accused of selling out to white folks. In the novel, he was supposed to be a good man, a Christian man, but it was Christianity that led him to, […]

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Gays in Hip-hop? No Homo!

By anonymous 9:53 am May 13, 2010 “If I’m in yo city, I’m signing them tig-o-bitties.” –Nicki Minaj, 2010 When Kanye called for a sort of moratorium on gay-bashing he was simply talking about blatant disregard (i.e. calling a man a “bitch” or a “faggot.”) What he wasn’t doing is starting a revolution in hip […]

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The Hispanic Codes

By anonymous 8:00 am April 29, 2010 Well, well, well. I hate to say it but just because you picked the apples doesn’t mean you can have a piece of the pie. And if this month’s Census form was any indication, Senate Bill 1070 (aka SB 1070) from Arizona was no surprise. Long before the […]

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Basketball Brothels

By anonymous 11:02 am April 22, 2010 Typically, when one thinks of a whore house, they think of pimps and hookers, and more likely men buying and selling women. And while brothels sometimes turn out larger profits, offer more secure places to do business, and sometimes do drug testing, they aren’t much different from some […]

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