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I am a young writer and poet with the strong conviction that young people can and will change society to be a more fair and positive place. I aim to engage young people in the conversations we are often shut out of or choose to be absent from. My faith in young people sparks my creativity and energizes me to produce art that I hope will inspire other young people.

Posts by aria

How Soul Food is at the Heart of Our Culture

By aria 2:00 pm May 3, 2012 I spent the past weekend in Georgia, Macon to be exact. It was my first real experience being down in the South (besides being stuck in the Atlanta airport for 3 hours) and one I will honestly never forget. Of course the high 80 degree weather kept me […]

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Gendered Toys and the Effect They Can Have on Kids

By aria 2:00 pm April 26, 2012 As I babysat for a three-year old boy last night, I admired the way he played so carefree. I reflected on how playing is a child’s only real duty – with the exception of eating and sleeping. When I asked him what he did at school that day, […]

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The Idealization and Demonization of Blacks: How it Affects Us

By aria 2:00 pm April 12, 2012 Blacks in American society have been understood in either demonizing or idealizing ways as represented in society or the media. Some blacks are idealized for their “coolness”, sexuality, beauty and athleticism. On the other hand, others are demonized as being lazy, sexual monsters, ugly and animalistic. It seems […]

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Hooked on Ebonics: the controversy that swirls around this “language”

By aria 2:00 pm April 5, 2012 I was shocked to recently learn about the Oakland, California school board’s 1996 decision to classify Ebonics as the official language of its African American students. At the mere age of four, I was ignorant to the political and social controversy this decision stirred up nationwide. Now, at […]

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The Black Matriarchal System: A Common Culprit in the Black Community

By aria 2:00 pm March 29, 2012 For decades, the existence of the black “matriarchy” has been studied, scrutinized and depicted in an effort to understand its causes and effects on the black family system. The term is contestable because while some schools of thought determine there is no black matriarchy, others who believe the […]

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LGBT Tolerance in the Black Community: Have We Turned our Backs?

By aria 2:00 pm March 22, 2012 When my mom first told me she was a lesbian, I was 16 years old and in my Junior year of high school. I remember she asked my older sister and me to come into the living room because she wanted to talk. She looked so serious and […]

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What Women’s Magazines Are Really Saying: You Need A Boyfriend

By aria 2:00 pm March 15, 2012 It was from television shows that I learned men leave for work to make money as women stay home to take care of the children. It was from movies that I learned women play the victim as men come to their rescue. And it was from magazines that […]

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Are We as Liberal as We Like to Believe?

By aria 4:10 pm March 8, 2012 Within the black community, many critics would answer with a surprising “no”. Historically, African Americans especially since the Civil Rights Movement have been loyal to the Democratic Party for its social welfare programs and professed strife for equality. However, as Ron Christie, Republican strategist and former special assistant […]

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Can a Black Name Affect Your Dating Life?

By aria 2:00 pm March 1, 2012 In January, I posed the controversial question, “What is the effect of a ‘black’ name in America?” I explained the effect that “black” names can have on job searches, finding that black named applicants wait an average of 15 weeks to find a job while white named applicants […]

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One Ohio School Is Paying Kids to Stay in Class

By aria 2:00 pm February 23, 2012 I recently learned of a charter high school, Dohn Community High School, in Ohio that actually PAYS its students to attend. Seniors can receive $25 a week while younger students receive $10 a week in VISA gift cards for coming to class every day, beingon time and behaving […]

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