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I am a young writer and poet with the strong conviction that young people can and will change society to be a more fair and positive place. I aim to engage young people in the conversations we are often shut out of or choose to be absent from. My faith in young people sparks my creativity and energizes me to produce art that I hope will inspire other young people.

Posts by aria

Why the College Application Process is so Hard

By aria 11:40 am December 7, 2011 As I’m watching my younger brother go through the often-dreaded process of applying for college, I’m reminded of the overwhelming feeling the process brings. If you’ve ever applied to college, you know that between – FAFSA, essays, letters of recommendation, and eventually choosing the college that fits you […]

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What Occupiers May Not Recognize

By aria 11:40 am November 30, 2011 I just recently stumbled upon the tweet by the writer/comedian Elon James White that says, “Oh? The NYPD are treating you badly? Violent for no reason? Weird.” – Black People. At first I couldn’t help but laugh at the truth behind this simple statement and the nonchalant voice […]

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Pizza is a Vegetable? Congress Seems to Think So

By aria 11:33 am November 23, 2011 If you haven’t heard from a pizza fanatic, like myself, last month Congress wrote a bill that continues to allow the tomato paste on pizza to be counted as a serving of vegetables. While you may have heard this argument circulating for a while, the Obama administration and […]

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