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Autopsy: Ezell Ford shot in back by LAPD cops

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By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:54 pm December 30, 2014 25-year-old Ezell Ford was fatally shot in the back, right arm and abdomen by LAPD police, according to an autopsy report released on Monday.

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Ferguson residents receive racist notes about Christmas on car windshields

By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:35 pm December 30, 2014 Residents in Ferguson, Missouri found a racist Christmas letters on their car windshields last week.

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Mo’ne Davis named female Athlete of the Year by Associated Press

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By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:49 pm December 30, 2014 Little League superstar Mo’ne Davis has been named the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year.  Davis, 13, became an instant celebrity as she took the mound in the Little League World Series giving the phrase “throw like a girl” a whole new meaning. 

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Report: Murders in Chicago down, shootings up


By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:14 pm December 30, 2014 Chicago could report its lowest murder total in close to 50 years for the second consecutive year. Despite murder rates being down, the number of shootings is up for 2014, according to data analysed by the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Petition: remove Target ad advertising ‘Annie’ movie


By BYP @blackyouthproj 11:47 am December 30, 2014 A Change.org petition is calling for Target to remove an ad that they say disrespects “Annie” actress Quvenzhané Wallis.  The brand’s recent ads shows a white model despite Wallis being in the lead role. 

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John Crawford and Tamir Rice: How Black People Can Die for Carrying Toy Guns in an Open Carry Gun State

By BYP @blackyouthproj 11:28 am December 30, 2014 By: Brandon Patterson In August, 22-year-old John Crawford was gunned down by Ohio police in a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio, outside of Dayton.  Police were responding to a call reporting a man waving a rifle in the store. 

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Dealing With the Racial Nature of Wrongful Convictions.

By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:18 pm December 29, 2014 The following piece is from Thy Black Man.  It was written by David A. Love. By: David A. Love The vast majority of the wrongfully convicted who are exonerated through DNA evidence are people of color. The numbers don’t lie.

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Key Ferguson activist arrested

By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:01 pm December 29, 2014 One of Ferguson, Missouri’s most prominent demonstrators has been arrested and charged with setting fire to a Berkeley convenience store last week. 

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Officer who called Mike Brown memorial ‘trash’ placed on unpaid leave

By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:38 pm December 29, 2014 A Ferguson, Missouri police officer who referred to a memorial for Mike Brown as “a pile of trash” has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident. 

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Egypt bans ‘Exodus’ movie for historical inaccuracies

By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:16 pm December 29, 2014 Egypt has banned the showing of the film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” in the country due to historical inaccuracies. 

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