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Lauryn Hill At ROCK THE BELLS 2010!

Guerrilla Union, the promoters behind the annual travelling Hip Hop extravaganza that is Rock The Bells, announced earlier this week that Lauryn Hill is officially the latest addition to a line-up that includes The incomparable Wu-Tang Clan (performing every track from 36 Chambers), A Tribe Called Quest (performing their incredible Midnight Marauders album in its entirety), Snoop Dogg (who’s bringing the Dogg Pound, RBX and Lady of Rage along to perform all of his classic 1993 debut album Doggystyle), Rakim (who will be performing all of Paid in Full), and KRS One (performing all of Criminal Minded). Yeah, I know.

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Drake’s “Thank Me Later”: The Review

The jury’s still out on whether or not Drake is some kind of savior of Hip Hop, or if he’ll even be able to sustain the momentum he’s been building and match the success he’s already achieved. But kudos to Drake for sticking to his guns, and crafting an album that doesn’t comprise for mass appeal or pander to the charts. There’s no denying that Drake is the real deal, at this point. And there’s no denying the power of Thank Me Later either. Because it’s good. Really, really good.

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Eminem’s “Recovery” Tracklisting, and A Rant About “Going Pop”….

…Others harbored concern for the album’s stylistic direction, pointing to the aforementioned, decidedly unexpected collabos as proof that Eminem may be going “pop.” Of course, this sentiment is absurd.How can anyone consider an artist who literally sold more albums than anybody else this past decade, and put out two diamond albums (The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show have each sold 10 million copies) in a row, to be anything but pop?

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Janelle Monae’s “The ArchAndroid”: A STAR IS BORN

Combining the fearlessly experimental, quirky soul disposition of Erykah Badu, the Afro-futurist bent of Parliament/Funkadelic and OutKast, along with a complete mastery of an indefinable, genre-jumping form of pop music (ala Prince, Michael Jackson), Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid will at the very least impress the hell out of you.

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Deftones’ “Diamond Eyes”

Their 6th album, entitled Diamond Eyes, is therefore a musical statement born out of tragedy and loss, and its near-perfect execution stands as a testament to the artistic excellence that has marked damn-near every Deftones release since their 1995 debut album, Adrenaline.

Diamond Eyes is not to be missed.

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A Rant About USHER…

All things considered, Usher ain’t been the same since Confessions.

You know that; I know that.

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B.o.B.’s “The Adventures of Bobby Ray”

By Dallas @smarteys 12:00 pm April 30, 2010 Just seven years after Andre 3000 shattered every boundary and limitation Hip Hop ever really had with The Love Below, B.o.B. stands as the ideal culmination of that album’s incredible influence. Compelling, audacious, and genuinely upbeat and life-affirming (rather than “conscious,” pessimistic or whiny), B.o.B.’s The Adventures […]

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Drake, Eminem and The Dream: Will their next albums be CLASSICS?

These three albums, I believe, will live up to the hype (and you are all welcome to publicly call me out if I’m wrong). I’ve got a sixth sense about these things, people.

It’s sort of what I do.

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The Black Eyed Peas, and The ART of Selling Out…

How the Black Eyed Peas shamelessly sold out…and why it was the best idea EVER.

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THOUGHTS: Dr. Dre’s Ready To DETOX, M.I.A.’s Not Impressed With Gaga, and Rihanna’s Hitting The Road

By Dallas @smarteys 11:56 am April 9, 2010   Earlier this week, legendary producer Dr. Dre officially announced his intentions to release his long-awaited 3rd and (allegedly) final album, the now-mythical Detox, in 2010. Of course, we’ve heard this shit before; every year since 2007 or so has been the year Detox would finally see […]

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