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“This Week With Jasiri X” the groundbreaking Hip-Hop news series has taken the rap world by storm. Each Episode of “This Week With Jasiri X” features Your Hip-hop News Anchor Jasiri X reporting the National news over the hottest beats. For weeks Jasiri X has provided a rapidly growing internet audience with a most creative and interesting delivery of the weekly news. Using lyrical skills, controversial subject matter, and phat beats, Jasiri X shows and proves that real Hip-hop is not in the least bit dead. Chuck D of Public Enemy once boldly declared that “Hip-hop was the CNN of the ghetto”, no artist has better embraced and embodied that concept than Jasiri X.

Jasiri X is a MC, Activist and Entrepreneur. He burst on the National and International Hip-Hop scene with the controversial hit song “FREE THE JENA 6″ which was played on more than 100 radio station across the country and was named “Hip-hop Political Song of the Year”.

He followed that up with a searing commentary on the Sean Bell murder titled “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” which spread like wildfire across the country and lead to Jasiri X’s first appearance on BET’s Rap City.

As President of LYRICS Inc. Jasiri successfully navigates communication with youth and adults showing the pros and cons of this growing phenomenon called Hip-Hop. He recently became the first Hip-Hop artist to receive the August Wilson Center for African American Culture Fellowship. Jasiri released his debut album “American History X” in December of 2009. Featuring an all-star lineup of international producers “American History X” made several best of 2009 lists and was named “Album of the Year” at the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards.

A 6 time Pittsburgh Hip-Hop award winner Jasiri is currently working on Season 4 of his highly successful series “This Week With Jasiri X” and preparing to release his sophomore album “The Ascension” with acclaimed producer Rel!g!ion on Wandering Worx Entertainment.

Posts by jasiri x

An 11 Year Old Boy vs The State of Israel

By jasiri x 4:40 pm January 7, 2014 “My Neighbourhood” is one of the powerful documentaries I have ever seen. Produced by Just Vision, “My Neighborhood” tells the story of Mohammed El Kurd is a Palestinian boy growing up in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in the heart of East Jerusalem. When Mohammed turns 11, his […]

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In 2014, Will Hip-Hop Finally Grow Up?

By jasiri x 1:53 pm December 31, 2013 Like many, I was saddened by the recent murders of 22 year old rap artist, Doe B and 21 year old Kimbrele Johnson, who was killed by a stray bullet in the same shooting. I saw many rappers and executives take to social media and express their condolences […]

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This is What Happens When Human Beings Become a “Revenue Stream”

By jasiri x 2:45 pm December 23, 2013 Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is the country’s biggest for-profit prison company and calls human beings in lock-up a “revenue stream.” Don’t let them profit off imprisoning even more.http://aclu.org/CCA #prisonprofiteers This video is part of the Prison Profiteers series produced by Brave New Foundation’s Beyond Bars campaign in […]

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As Black & Brown People Continue to be Lynched, Where’s the Outrage?

By jasiri x 4:07 pm December 17, 2013 Another week, another suspicious death of a Black or Brown person at the hands of the police. This time in Durham, North Carolina, where the police department would like us to believe that 17-year-old Jesus Huerta was searched, handcuffed, and placed in the back seat of a police […]

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Why I Paid Tribute to the Great Nelson Mandela

By jasiri x 2:46 pm December 9, 2013   A few months ago,  I began working on a project with producer Agent of Change called P.O.W.E.R.(People Oppressed Will Eventually Rise). Agent of Change sent me a number of beats in connection to this project, but when I first heard this beat, it took me straight […]

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Will “Shop and Frisk” Change African-American Spending Habits on Black Friday?

By jasiri x 5:19 pm November 25, 2013 No, this is not another attempt to take a shot at Jay Z, who was surprisingly demonized in the New York press for his relationship with the retail store Barneys, after 2 high profile incidents of young Black people being arrested for buying expensive items. Not only […]

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Why I Wrote Strange Fruit (Class Of 2013)

By jasiri x 4:36 pm November 18, 2013 I’m just not the type of person that can hear about tragedies that happen on our community and just keep it moving. When I first heard about the senseless murder of Renisha McBride, I couldn’t sleep. Here was another young Black person who was shot and killed […]

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Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism [Exclusive FILM]

By jasiri x 1:21 pm November 11, 2013 Jasiri X and Paradise Gray on the set of the controversial video, “Just A Minstrel” (Photo by Imran X) This is version one of the brand new documentary corporations won’t want you to view and study. If you are upset at the way corporations have co-opted Hip […]

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Black Youth Answer The Question, “Are We Racially Profiled?”

By jasiri x 12:32 pm October 30, 2013   Recently at our 1Hood Media Academy we discussed racial profiling. Not surprisingly, all of our students had experienced it in one way or another. We also talked about why we’re racially profiled, and what Black youth should do about it. Ironically we had this conversation before […]

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Why I Support The National Day of Protest To Stop Police Brutality

By jasiri x 3:48 pm October 21, 2013 Did you know a Black person was killed by the police every 28 hours? Tomorrow, October 22nd, is the 18th annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality. It’s clear with the recent murder of Jonathan Ferrell by the Charlotte police department and the shooting of Leon Ford […]

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