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Jonathan L.

…I am no one, and at the same time I have to be someone. I am a nameless faceless generation rising up from the depths of “teenage complacency.” I am the rich man sipping his wine on a summer afternoon in the Bahamas, and I also am the poor homeless women that gets passed by millions of people each year who don’t want to know that she exist. I am all the mistakes from the past, the franticness of the present, and the beauty of potential in the future. I am intelligence wrapped up into a cocoon of stupidness. I am stupidness surrounded by an uncountable amount of peers with more wisdom than this world can handle at one time. I am justice when unfairness is the only thing available, I am unfair. I am contradiction, hypocrisy, and redundancy. I am what people say I shouldn’t be. I am an agape lover, a helpless romantic, a passionate leader. I am no one, and at the same time I have to be someone. I am Jonathan Lykes…

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Follow Jonathan L. on Twitter: @jonathanlykes

Posts by Jonathan L.

Prop 8, Original Poetry, and Coming Out

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 7:52 am August 11, 2010 Jimmy Santiago Baca, a leading contemporary Latino poet writing in the United States, reminds us that “Poetry’s mission is to subvert, to question, to challenge, provoke, to flail one’s vulnerability and voice into the marvelous whirlwind of poetry’s awe, flagging at the horns of the raging beast […]

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Band-Aids and Systemic Change

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 8:42 am August 4, 2010 People love using band-aids. As a little kid I can remember the security I felt after scraping my knee on the asphalt and receiving the ritual of having my grandmother comfort me through my childhood tears by offering a dab of Neosporin and a fresh band-aid. The […]

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By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 7:50 am July 28, 2010 The more one walks around as a black male, the more one gets acclimatized to people’s negative assumptions about his life. I’m use to it. I’m use to the stereotypes, the pre-judgments, and the general ignorance. But yesterday, for the first time in my life I felt […]

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The Church, Pedophilia & More Sexism

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 8:00 am July 21, 2010 You probably already know this, but I believe in equality. I want to see equality in the education system, I want to see equality in the distribution of resources amongst different socio-economic backgrounds across the country, I even wish to see equality for people who serve jail […]

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Wal-mart: Evil Empire or Hope for Unemployment

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 7:39 am July 14, 2010 I don’t trust big business.  I don’t trust any type of organization that would make profit a priority over people. I don’t trust Wal-mart. But…is a bad job better than no job? This is the question I posed to a group of students today when discussing whether […]

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Through Another Man’s Eyes: Chicago’s Politics, Issues, and a Survey

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 7:33 am July 7, 2010 No…Move. I never noticed how rude people could be when you attempt to impose on 15 seconds of their time. I personally give a polite and to the point “no thanks” when I am randomly asked by the most recent “surveyor/save the planet/heal the animals/sign this petition […]

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Lupus, Healthcare, and Little Village

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 7:39 am June 30, 2010 I would like to “think” my world different. A life free of disease, hurt, and pain. While watching the BET awards I noticed people are still stunned by the death of Michael Jackson, (especially Chris Brown and his fake tears). But I must admit no one close […]

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A Blogging Conference in DC & Trip to the Pseudo-White House

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 8:49 am June 23, 2010 This past weekend I attened the Blogging While Brown conference. It was great overall, but it definitely had both highs and lows. It was amazing to see how much of a vibrant subculture the black blogging community is when brought to one place. (I say black, and […]

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Nah, I’m Good Brutha

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 12:43 am June 16, 2010 Where I come from, the homeless are a dime a dozen, and beggars are as common as the neglected pennies of college students. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. While growing up, it was not uncommon for me to run into a crackhead who literally asked for […]

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Class and Privilege

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 8:45 am June 9, 2010 I still struggle with the idea of privilege. I grew up in an area where the school system just recently got taken over by the federal government, there was a crackhouse right across the street from my home, and at least 8 boarded up house on my […]

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