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Black Youth Consciousness In The Post-Violence Era: Rebuilding Ethics In The Streets

By Keantre Malone 4:56 pm September 4, 2012 The generation’s identity reveals itself in the sound waves that stimulate the collective conscious. Speech, which is the vocal reality of knowledge, enters the minds of youth through Hip-Hop among other things. We’re not only listening though. Young MCs speak, talk about the experiences of the black […]

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Confronting The Idols Of Our Masculinity

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm August 14, 2012 What it means to know the “male mind” is nothing other than knowing the crux of a structure. It may be that we extract and store knowledge to navigate the rules determined by the social world. Television shows, movies, radio programs encode the idol, the archetypical male.

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Black Apathy: Believing That Racism Is Normal

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm August 7, 2012 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgASe3CIw9E Along this path through American history my people have forgotten how to dream. My people are playing their part in making the black/white problem normal. How can you blame us? Our concept of “reality” constantly proves the impossibilities of our imagination, our creativity. What is real, […]

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Healing Our Relationships Take REAL Empathy


By Keantre Malone 2:16 pm July 31, 2012 Tribal relationships—unions of people that involve romance and creativity—are hard to maintain because of conflicting worldviews. What it means to be a man or womyn in love causes problems for many tribes because their demands and dreams clash without a middle ground. Since I’m raised to be […]

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America’s Drama of the Race Game: Finding Hatred For Blacks Outside the Post-Racial Hype

La Haine_Vinz

By Keantre Malone 2:30 pm July 24, 2012 It surprises me how much of the city builds a fantasy in a larger reality of racism. Outside of downtown and the “hood” there’s an intense atmosphere of hatred and disregard for people-of-color. Maybe people-of-color provokes the idealistic bubble of a city person; in places like Buffalo, […]

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Bitty Thug Hip-Hop: Real Lies on Front Street

By Keantre Malone 3:00 pm July 17, 2012 Chicago has been running the summer, putting out music that the whole nation can’t resist. Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” and Kanye West’s “Mercy” haven’t stop blasting from radio stations and concert venues. Keeping up with momentum, another Chi-town native draws viewers by the thousands to his […]

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The City That’s Bigger Than Pot

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm July 10, 2012 I am surprised by Chicago’s strategy for fighting crime. Last week’s issue of the Chicago Reader gave details as to how decriminalization came about. Not only does legalizing marijuana help Chicago’s police shortage, but the new policy also enhances the mayor’s reputation. The city’s pot smokers,at least […]

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Bringing Black Love To Trouble

By Keantre Malone 3:00 pm June 26, 2012 There’s only a black love because relationships with black people make us talk about our problems. Since I’m a black man I tell my girlfriend what frustrates me about the way I’m (un)treated. When my “other” friends always ask about what it’s like to be “black”, I […]

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The Other Power for People-Of-Color

By Keantre Malone 3:00 pm June 19, 2012 Every morning I feel like I’m arming myself; iPod, tablet, iPhone are the necessary resources for the day-to-day. All day long, the individual in traffic moves around the city with other people in motion. While things continue in the cycle we are constantly checking ourselves into large […]

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New Leaders of Black Liberation: Youth and HiiiPower Art

By Keantre Malone 2:00 pm June 12, 2012 Off the West Coast a new movement assembles an army of sick-and-tired oppressed peoples. This group of artists, called Black Hippy, tours all over the world cultivating a militant program of HiiiPower. The philosophy of HiiiPower seems tailor-made for a generation of activists that are uniquely artistic and have […]

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