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Week of June 22, 2009 to June 28, 2009

By Leigh 11:46 am September 24, 2009 A Life of Purpose Childs Walker, The Baltimore Sun, June 28, 2009 Artist is Creative in Helping Youth Sonya Bernard-Hollins, Kalamazoo Gazette, June 28, 2009 Need Scouting in Urban Communities Robert H. Young Jr., Birmingham News, June 28, 2009 My Word: When is Enough, Enough in the East […]

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Week of June 15, 2009 to June 21, 209

By Leigh 11:42 am September 24, 2009 We Need Adults Who are Builders of Men Fabu, The Capital Times, June 20, 2009 CALIFORNIA: Grants Aim to Help Immigrants Fit in to U.S. Society; Nearly $1 Million Will Aid Such Efforts as Easing Black-Latino Conflicts and Pushing Worker Rights Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times, June 19, […]

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Week of June 8, 2009 to June 14, 2009

By Leigh 11:39 am September 24, 2009 Crofton Killing Prompts Race Discussion Shantee Woodards, The Capital, June 14, 2009 “A Pebble Tossed in the Pond, and the Rings are Still Going Out.” In 1986, Amid Rising Violence, Denver Police Complied a List of 69 Names.  They Were Mostly African-American Teens, Lived Near East 28th Avenue […]

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The Push for “Precious”

By Leigh 10:34 pm August 12, 2009 Just last week, I stumbled upon a movie trailer on YouTube that really caught my attention.  The independent film, Precious, tells the story of Claireece “Precious” Jones, a Harlem-bred, morbidly obese, pregnant, HIV-positive, illiterate, junior high school student who struggles with low self-esteem.  If that isn’t already an […]

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Happy to Have Maxwell Back!

By Leigh 10:23 am July 9, 2009 I’d been waiting for Maxwell’s return for what seemed like forever.  Yesterday, after an eight-year hiatus, he released his fourth studio album, BLACKsummers’ night.  This highly anticipated album is the first installment of a trilogy—the other two albums, which have already been named are set for release in […]

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The Musician and the Music – Should We Separate the Two?

By Leigh 11:03 am July 1, 2009 Last week, as the news of Michael Jackson’s death spread, I noticed that people’s reactions were very different.  I got word that he was in the hospital on my Facebook news feed and immediately flipped back and forth between CNN and ABC News, waiting for the rumors of […]

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And the Anti-Autotune Movement Begins…

By Leigh 1:10 pm June 24, 2009 Is it really that serious?  Well, I didn’t think so until two weeks ago when Jay-Z released his street single “Death of Autotune (D.O.A.)” as a precursor to his 11th studio album, Blueprint 3, which is scheduled for release in September.   There is no question that the track […]

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