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Rashad Smith is a multi-talented Communications Specialist with 7 years of solid experience ranging from marketing, journalism, television & on-line radio broadcasting, and event planning. Although his responsibilities at previous employers like Black Entertainment Television, C-SPAN, and Swagger TV are credited for his creative skill set in entertainment business, his calling to work with young people was recognized 4 years ago while coaching high school step teams in Charlotte, NC. Smith understands the root problems of young people in his hometown of Rochester. New York, knowledge gained while instructing for Rochester’s Center for Youth and Ibero American Action League, and is hopeful that he can contribute to bold change. As a networking guru and contracted educator, Smith is familiar with what’s necessary to captivate audiences and establish and retain positive relationships. Smith has a B.A. Degree in Communications from the Historically Black Institution, Johnson C. Smith University, and believes that with hard work, dedication, and faith, desired success is inevitable. In addition to working on many contracted opportunities, Smith serves as the Public Relations Director for Generation News, a positive youth & entrepreneur news program in Rochester and, he sits on the board for Sparq Rochester, an urban arts and education program.

For this ambitious guy, the sky is the limit and without a doubt success is at his hands, which is the message he delivers as a Pragmatist Motivational Speaker.

For more information on Rashad J. Smith go to www.rashadjsmith.com!

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Black College Student Leaders’ Recognized by YOUniversity Drive


By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 12:44 pm December 12, 2014  YOUniversity Drive, LLC.  has implemented an initiative that spotlights student leaders at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) throughout the nation, via social media and the company’s website. The online engagement movement allows student leaders to sign up for the YOUniversity Drive Resource Center and provide […]

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Lady Obama Takes The Stage on BET’s 106 & Park

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 7:46 pm November 19, 2013 By Rashad J. Smith First Lady Michelle Obama was the guest of honor on BET’s 106 & Park Tuesday evening. When introduced by host Bow Wow and Keshia Chante, FLOTUS came out grooving to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” hit song, the same song used for the […]

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Food Stamps For The Holidays

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 12:25 pm November 18, 2013    By: Rashad J. Smith The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) also known to millions of Americans as “Food Stamps” surprised hundreds of thousands of recipients with extra “money” this past weekend. Residents of Rochester, New York rushed to grocery stores this weekend after they found […]

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VIDEO: Police Officer Punches Pregnant Woman in the Face

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 12:46 am August 28, 2013 Community members in Upstate New York are pissed-off and looking for answers as to why a Police Officer used extreme force on a woman who confessed to be pregnant prior to her arrest. On Tuesday night, a YouTube video went semi-viral as Rochester, NY citizens used […]

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HLN’s Nancy Grace To Cover The Murders of Tupac and Biggie

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 10:28 am August 21, 2013  By Rashad J. Smith Nancy Grace is digging into the Hip Hop community this week as she analyzes the deaths of RAP LEGENDS’ Tupac Shakur and Christopher “NOTORIOUS B.I.G.” Wallace.  Viewers are amped to tune in to Nancy Grace Mysteries, this Friday, August 23rd at 8 […]

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10 Most Hated Words, Names, & Idioms: Post Zimmerman Trial

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 8:29 pm July 14, 2013 “WE THE JURY FIND GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, NOT GUILTY” As you watch CNN & HLN for post verdict dialogue do you cringe when the re-play of the verdict is televised? Are you finding yourself emotionally wrecked, not really knowing how to express your thoughts? For me, I […]

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9 Reasons folks Anticipate RIOTS if Trayvon Martin Verdict is UNJUST

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 12:38 pm July 11, 2013 When it comes to JUSTICE in the Black community, the culture is often times robbed of equality. Although our United Nation has come a long way, it’s certainly clear that racism is still alive AND unclear if it will ever vanish. None of us will ever […]

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Diddy Launches Revolt TV this Fall!

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 8:11 am June 26, 2013 -Rashad Smith, Rochester, New York. Remember when we use to tune in to MTV and watch TRL, waiting on our favorite videos on the countdown? What about Pop Up Video on VH-1, that contained informational bubbles, trivia, and sexual anecdotes that kept us intrigued… remember that? Most […]

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Raising $80,000 for the Negro In History | CALL TO ACTION

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 6:10 am May 13, 2013 Eunique Jones has created a photographic sensation with her ”Because of Them, We Can-Black History and Beyond” campaign and has taken the movement to KICKSTARTER. The plan is to raise $80,000 by June 19th, to produce a high quality book contained with all 365 images of kids turned icons. The KICKSTARTER project will […]

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VIDEO: Janelle Monåe | The Return of Artistry in R&B, Soul, & Hip Hop

By RASHAD SMITH @RadicalENT 8:33 pm May 3, 2013 Janelle Monae has been on the scene for a brief minute. Clearly, she’s here to stay! Monae’s style is equivalent to an equinoctial point. In other words, she’s distinctive in fashion, beauty, and music and there’s no one like her. If so, they too are very rare, appearing […]

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