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Born in Los Angeles, raised in Inglewood, California,  and currently residing in Harlem, NY. Richard is an organizer and educator for Black and Latino youth in South Los Angeles, Watts, and the South Bronx. Looking to serve his people through teaching, written and spoken word, and now through his new love, film. Contact him at rasj05@gmail.com

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White Silence is the New Mob Violence


By rich @RichInVisions 5:17 pm March 21, 2012 This period of time is very telling for the future trajectory of America. In the last decade, we’ve seen the murder of countless unarmed, innocent Black men and women in cities all over the United States. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit. We’ve […]

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The Radical Imagination Series: Illy L

illy L

By rich @RichInVisions 3:14 pm March 14, 2012 “Imagination is the root of all creation.” –Amiri Baraka Today The Radical Imagination Project brings you a new episode of our original series, The Radical Imagination Series, a show that highlights innovative homegrown talent that inspire change in their global community. Our philosophy is that if we […]

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Crime and Punishment: What’s it really about?


By rich @RichInVisions 4:09 pm February 22, 2012 Can we really say the the legal and justice systems in America are about crime, punishment, and rehabilitation? Are they remotely about bringing justice? If universities, banks, and major corporations are hoarding money and opportunity, starving the people of surrounding communities, why do the police protect these […]

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Fact Check: Is the use of the SAT Reasoning test racist?


By rich @RichInVisions 3:40 pm February 15, 2012 The American media and education systems are great at feeding us lies. Either given with knowledge, ignorance, malicious intent or not, these inaccuracies have proven to negatively affect the well being of Black folks by setting us up for political, social, mental, psychological, economic, and spiritual hardship. […]

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My Top 10 Lesser Known Black Heroes: Get to Know…

Screen shot 2012-02-01 at 1.11.22 PM

By rich @RichInVisions 7:31 pm February 1, 2012 While it should be commonplace to study, promote, and protect Black History each and every day of the year, I still find it rewarding to dig into our history during the month of February to highlight those of our predecessors, especially the lesser know ones, to carry […]

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Why I Hesitate to Use the “P-word”… “Progress” & Black American Life


By rich @RichInVisions 4:44 pm January 18, 2012 “Nobody is free until everybody is free.” -Fannie Lou Hamer Why am I so hesitant to speak of progress? I think it’s because my heart is heavy and my conscience is unclear given what I know about our present. I can’t state enough that the middle and upper class, […]

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Is College the Solution or the Problem? Power, Privilege & The Academy


By rich @RichInVisions 4:24 pm January 11, 2012 “Why do we continue to invest our time, money, and intellectual works in the college and university system of the United States?” This is something I ask myself regularly. Is there any other way? What role do these institutions play in producing the inequalities we face as […]

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Self Determination: What I learned on the Subway at 2am


By rich @RichInVisions 8:20 pm January 6, 2012 With the recent celebration of Kwanzaa, I am reinvigorated with hope as I learn to internalize the principles each day offered. I couldn’t help but place special emphasis on the principle Kujichagulia (Self Determination) which means, “To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for […]

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Video: The Radical Imagination Series by Richard Stevenson Jr.

The Radical Imagination Series

By rich @RichInVisions 12:26 pm December 9, 2011 ”The act of imagining is the root of all creation.” Amiri Baraka. The human spirit is beautiful, naturally creative, and inherently powerful. Lately I’ve been inspired by some brilliant people who exhibit these qualities in their lives. The common link between them lies in their passionate love […]

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