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Why are there no more carrier pigeons?

By Asha 2:17 pm September 13, 2011 By the time I was old enough to learn to type or make any use of the internet, it was on its way into people’s homes and everyday lives. Despite that, it has evolved enough to not only transform news media, but create mediums and ways of spreading […]

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To Invest in an Identity on the First Day

By Asha 5:28 pm September 6, 2011 During introduction to my Advanced Economics course, while I did find myself slightly unsettled by some of his ideas about economics, I found very interesting my instructor’s explanation of ‘human capital.’ While most of his day is spent teaching high school, he is also an entreprenuer. He went […]

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“Please Describe Your Background”

By Asha 12:33 pm August 16, 2011 When I’m asked “What are you?” a question which my slight racial ambiguity warrants on almost a daily basis, I say black. So I check black on my college app. Then sometimes (most times actually), the question is followed by “Yeah, but what else?” and sometimes “She’s Cuban!” […]

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The Real Bullies

By Asha 12:15 pm October 5, 2010 After the several suicides of gay American teens in the past few weeks, major news outlets, celebrities, and politicians have addressed this issue of bullying… mainly in schools. And while I, currently in high school, hear epithets muttered under breaths, see the carelessness of hateful words, and see […]

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Girls Have To Do What They Can

By Asha 4:30 pm September 21, 2010 The pressure is on for Afghani women to predict the gender of the children they give birth to and the pressure is on for those children to be boys.  An Afghani custom that seems to have gone on for years is to dress one young girl in the family as a […]

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Imperfect Ways to End a Perfect Season

By Asha 1:20 pm August 31, 2010 In music, and films, and stories, and books, and in our lives endings are hard to get quite right. We sometimes overlap with beginnings and in the case of summers… they often finish far before we are done with them. As September begins, we return to school and […]

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To Identify as an American..

By Asha 12:46 pm August 24, 2010 As summer is coming to an end, I’ve just returned from an international program at a Scottish University. The students were mostly Europeans, a few students from the Middle East and East Asia, and a few Americans like myself. There was an obvious lack of representation from any African […]

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Teenagers are Invincible…?

By Asha 1:01 pm July 13, 2010 Underage drinking (and binge drinking) is no foreign concept to American high schools. Numerous  people I know and go to school with have bad experiences with alcohol. Some kids have blacked out and others have had their stomachs pumped after alcohol poisoning. And I just finished my sophomore year […]

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Race & Music: What does it all mean?

By Asha 12:00 pm July 6, 2010 Instead of celebrating Independence Day weekend with American flags and the type of unconditional patriotism that I never really understood, I’m going take an opportunity to reflect on our country’s relationship with music and its cultural and racial geneology. Sunday afternoon I found myself at yet a second […]

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