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My first name is ironic.

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Crime and Punishment

By Summer M. 10:44 am September 9, 2014 Yesterday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens finally decided to terminate running back Ray Rice’s contract after new video emerged of him assaulting his then-girlfriend (now wife), Janay Palmer, in a casino elevator. The decision, though necessary, was probably a result of peer pressure and needing better PR around […]

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Angels and Emmys

By Summer M. 9:00 am August 29, 2014 Last weekend, Charles Belk, a 51-year-old black man, was arrested and detained by the Beverly Hill Police Department on the suspicion that he had robbed a nearby bank. In reality, Belk had been having a meal at a nearby restaurant, and was on his way to check […]

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On the POTUS’ Response to the Events in Ferguson

By Summer M. 9:00 am August 18, 2014 After a night of turning up and after issuing a statement on the death of actor Robin Williams, President Obama finally got around to saying a word or several about the killing of Michael Brown and the ensuing situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Obama’s remarks, as many of […]

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Revenge of the Black Biopic

By Summer M. 12:46 pm August 4, 2014 I was mildly curious about how Get On Up, the James Brown biopic, would do in its first weekend at the theater, even though I had no interest in seeing it. After all, a trailer that includes the words, “from the director that brought you The Help” […]

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New World Water

By Summer M. 10:51 am July 28, 2014 I know it’s Meatless Monday and all, but I have half a mind to eat a double cheeseburger while rocking a fur coat or something. But that wouldn’t do anything but further clog my arteries, and make me especially hot during a remarkably mild summer day here […]

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Return of the King

By Summer M. 1:41 pm July 15, 2014 I love LeBron James. And it’s not just because he makes clips from The Lion King appropriate.

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Laying it on Too Thick[e]

By Summer M. 8:49 am July 7, 2014 Robin Thicke is having a “rough” couple of weeks. In this latest leg of the #getpaulaback campaign, blue-eyed soul crooner du jour Robin Thicke took to the BET Awards stage and sang another song about Paula Patton. During the performance, Robin looked…sad. He was weirdly tan, was […]

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Season’s Greetings

By Summer M. 9:00 am June 24, 2014 Summer has officially begun. This means, of course, vacations, barbecues, long days, and, perhaps, a rise in crime rates in certain places, including Chicago, a city that has become (unfairly) a poster child for violence in urban America. The numbers have started to pour in already. The […]

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The Role of a Lifetime

By Summer M. 8:00 am June 17, 2014 It was recently announced that America’s Next Top Model contestant-turned-actress Yaya DaCosta will play Whitney Houston in the upcoming biopic on the singer to be aired on the Lifetime network. The film, which has first-time director Angela Bassett at its helm, will cover Houston’s relationship with her former husband, […]

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Hush Money

By Summer M. 8:24 am June 2, 2014 Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has more or less purchased the Los Angeles Clippers from the embattled Sterling family for $2 billion. That’s right $2 billion. American dollars. Here’s some context: Ballmer outbid competitors Oprah and co. by $4 million. Ballmer is “worth” $20 billion, so paying […]

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